AO: AlphaRuck

When: 08/05/2021

QIC: Dosido

PAX (5): Sprocket, Brimstone, Tidepods, Myrtle, Dosido


0457 on the watch…man that’s early, and im the only one standing in the lot, tidepod’s in his truck, about to join me, but the two of us alone would NOT work as well for what i had planned. But wait! 0458 and sprocket rolls in to make 3, …which would actually be worse than 2…then, praise be, 0459 brimstone comes along to save the day! Ruck up, head around back of the church to the other side into a cute little private lot for SSH but, in cadence to 6, then silent count to 21, all have to end on time or else…5 burpee penalty. well, we paid the penalty due to some counting issues. So, let’s try again! In my peripherals i knew we weren’t perfect again, but it was slightly better than the first attempt, so we rucked up, and headed for an SUV conveniently parked deep in the front lot, ready to play music and everything!

The Thang:

Musical Dora, one of my favorite formats, and thanks to HaHa at the widowmaker, I’ve gone ahead and stolen parts of it for todays BD.
Song list + exercise list. Performed with partner, one performs the exercise, the other runs up the stairs and around a short loop repeatedly trading back and forth for the duration of each song. Also, a 33lb bundle of bricks waited for whoever was running to grab and go…this proved to be an equalizer of sorts, and added a nice little kick in the ass on the run.

Thrusters wRuck—Aerosmith
Flutter Kicks wRuck—Manfred Mann
Blockees wRuck—Bob Seger
Curls wRuck—Tom Petty
Upright Rows wRuck—The Black Keys
Kettlebell Swings wRuck—Tom Petty
American Hammers NoRuck—The Black Crows
Overhead Press wRuck—Tom Petty
SSH NoRuck—The Black Keys
LBCs NoRuck—Stealer’s Wheel
(34mins, 10 songs)
Great work by all! winded, we had a quick 10 count then lined our Rucks up in some semblance of a respectable line, then mosey’d around the church; sprinting the short ends, and slow jog the long parts. Back to the rucks. circle up in plank for ring of fire? idk the name exactly, but all in plank, one merkan each, one ata time, around and around until you a) quit, or b) your knees touch the ground. three-way tie called at #35 as a couple of stubborn PAX would NOT relent the win to me, jerks. JK, Next we headed straight for a wall under an alcove with our arms and shoulders burning from the fire, so of course what would be the most dangerous thing to do with rubbery arms? BTTW of course! Potential for crashing face-first into the pavement ever on my mind, we ascend our balls to the wall for a last man “standing” competition…props to sprocket for outlasting all, this time, but I’ll remember this one sir.
with 4mins to go we headed back to the rucks for freddy merks, leg ups, bbsu, and something else i dont remember.
time called


prayers and concerns for the sick in our personal circles were raised –

it had been a while since my last Q, so brim asking me to lead was exactly what i needed to get uncomfortable again. We need each other for this, among many other things, to move from our safe zones into less comfortable arenas; this is how we grow as men and leaders.
I hope this AO has staying power, i for one will be there to answer the bell!
what say you?


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Myrtle was our 1/8 PAX for the BD portion, he came out at 0500 for a run actually, but graciously joined our warmup before disembarking, and saw to it to be in our COT at the end, thank you brother

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