Tweaker Who?????

AO: Halo

When: 08/04/2021

QIC: Wideright

PAX (7): Warbucks, Steamer, Abicus, Shrooms, Juve and fondue guy


disclaimer and warmup 10xIC:

bear hugs, seal claps, weed pickers, A vagodas, imperial walkers and toy soldiers

Mosey to stairs


The Thang:

2 squats per step down and run across (stop and clean the filter, saved the ecosystem and F# brother from drowning) to other steps and 2 calf raises up – plank for the 6

Indian run time around the church parking lot (pause for 5x burpees OYO) pair up on the curb

Pax1 run up, Bobby Hurley and back, while Pax2 does exercise, cumulative and LBC’s for the 6 to start each round



300-shoulder press

200-squat jumps

100-stn mtn’s

Indian run to steps, repeat step exercises -mosey to the flag for time!


prayers for Forrest continuing to heal, Warbucks daughter and fiancĂ© living in the same house, our country, Marcia’s 2.0 and M, brothers to come back out and workout, tweaker’s 2.0 and his blood sugar levels leveling out


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