Birthday circuit

AO: Windjammer

When: 08/04/2021

QIC: lumbergh

PAX (9): Cookie, Milli Vanilli, Cox, NRA, Townie, Dr. Rico, Funyun (R), Cartpath,


Cookie 6:10 PM
Q is wide open tomorrow… need a taker



Internal debate on what I want to do in the morning.

Dare I run or risk pulling my back again this week?


Maybe a bike ride.


lumbergh 8:17 PM
I got you @Cookie.

And so I had Q. A little wikipedia research and the HCs pour in and we are ready


I scoot up the parking lot for some WP, copper head squat, and arm circles, and IWs. I am watching it for my ankle so little to no jumping.

Back to the rocks

The Thang:

A few birthdays dictate our counts this morning. Some trivia bets for 5 burpees. Each circuit runs up the lot for exercise 2, animal walk across for 3, and back for 4 and wait for the 6.

First up: Roger Clemens who wore number 21 or 22
21 Curls, 21 LBCS, Bear, 21 Merkins, 21 squats with rock

How many rings does he have: 2, 1999 and 2000 (both with Yankees, one vs Braves, one vs Mets) Lots of WS talk on this round.

Second round: Major league Athlete Jeff Gordon
24 skull crushers, 24 Reverse LBC, 24 Diamonds, 24 squats

How many cup wins: 4, 5 burpee penalty

Next: TV’s Daniel Dae Kim from Hawaii 5-0 and lost
25 rows, 25 Freddy Mercury, The new to windjammer Cheetah Run, 25 wide arm, and 25 squat

How many seasons did Hawaii 5-0 (reboot) run: 7 earns 5 burpees

Next: Pope Urban VII who served a full 12 days in office
12 shoulder press, 12 Flutters, Reverse Crab, 12 Merkins, 12 squat jumps

Little known fact: Ol Urban instituted the first smoking ban. Way to use your 12 days for change!

Finally we move to historical events: The day Lizzie Bordens parents were killed. Something most WJers didn’t know about apparently. Guess I am the macabre one…
40 whacks split up:
20 curls, 20 skull crushers, 40 LBC, 20 offset right, 20 offset left, 20 squats (Maybe, it’s all a little fuzzy now)

Was she found guilty: She was not. No burpees

Back to Daniel Dae Kim for a Lost circuit (Again only a couple of people watched)
curls, skull crushers, and rows in reps of 4, 8, 15 (run) 16, 23, and stop at 42 to return to the flag

A little mary to wrap it up.


Great to be back to Windjammer and make up a recently skipped Q. It wasn’t record breaking but the plan is still there to beat the high numbers.

Reminder for the NLB workout this weekend. Need food prep, Q, and support. Saturday at 4:00

Prayers for health and returning to school (but don’t worry the times remain the same at windjammer)


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always a pleasure to lead this group.

Especially to actually be out there jogging and running again.

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