Crabapple FBC Recon Ruck on Rucker Road!

AO: AlphaRuck

When: 07/29/2021

QIC: Brimstone

PAX (7): Tide Pods, Myrtle, 8 Bit, Sprocket, Breezy, Dosido, Brimstone


7 PAX showed up in the gloom at 5am on a Thursday as the brave HIMs who would be the first to try out a possible new Rucking AO in F3 Alpha! The flag was planted in Southeast corner of the Crabapple FBC parking lot, right off Birmingham Hwy.


Myrtle let us know he was coming in hot, so we did a loop around the church to give the rest of the PAX a tour of the site. There are tons of opportunities and plenty of room for activities! There are lots of stairs, a fire pit area near the gym with lots of benches, some coupons available for use (dumbbells and cinders, as well as some logs that could be cut up), a wheelchair ramp with railing, etc.

We made our way back to the front of the church, picked up Myrtle, and took a right on Birmingham Hwy.

The Thang:

We started off with a pretty good pace, made our way down Broadwell, and took a left on Rucker Road. YHC wanted to make sure to document this historic occasion of Ruckers on Rucker Road, so a picture was taken of all the PAX with the road sign at the light. This was pic #1.

We kept at a good pace down the well-lit sidewalk of Rucker Rd and made it all the way down to Laurelwood Farm Rd. We took pic #2 at that intersection because it was a better photo-op than the first one.

We turned around to head back to startex, and as we crossed over the roundabout at Rucker and Charlotte, we found an even betterĀ sign to take a picture with! This was pic #3. By this time the PAX were very much over the selfies, but it’s not YHC’s fault we kept running into better signs! The pic stops did allow Myrtle, Breezy, and Tide Pods to catch up with the rest of the PAX though…

We made our way back to startex and gathered for COT. We rucked a total of 3.8 miles at an average pace of 15:55.



  • We’re looking to launch this as a new Rucking AO in F3 Alpha. Thursday and Friday are options, so we’re going to try out both to see which works better, then hopefully officially launch in the near future!

Prayer Requests

  • Those dealing with health issues:
    • Dr. Jernigan battling COVID
    • Myrtle’s friend battling COVID
    • Dosido’s friend Thrasher
    • YHC’s mother-in-law’s cancer diagnosis

Naked-Man Moleskin:

YHC’s apologies on the BackBlast being 5 days late!!! I had to get in the system.

Dosido has the Q this Thursday, 5-6am, so we know it will be good!

It’ll be up to the Q each week whether it’s straight rucking or with added PT, so come prepared each week!

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