The only thing missing was “The Goat”

AO: Hog Wallow

When: 07/31/2021

QIC: Scar

PAX (4): Switch, Yankee, Backside, Tubbs, Meltdown, Catheter, Scar

The Thang:

Saturday at Hogwallow, temperatures in the high 70’s, humidity at 200%, perfect for some BRR training and some hills. 7 pax gathered in the parking lot at Oxbo to ready themselves for what was coming.

The only disclaimer was the route ahead was hilly, Yankee would rather of not known this. Simple route covering all the Roswell breweries and sights was started, some mumblechatter that soon faded due to the repeating hills.

Still no sign of Goat and we were at least 2 miles into this run.

Once we turned onto Coleman and passed Martins Gardens the choice of route was clear, more hills. The downhill onto Willeo was welcome relief that was soon diminished by the realization that 120 was all uphill.

Great job everyone, thanks for coming out and for letting me lead. We missed you Goat, hope you got some BRR training in on your own.

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