Windjammer Roulette

AO: Windjammer

When: 07/30/2021

QIC: Brutus AKA DNip

PAX (7): Cookie Funyon Cox UGA Stu Dr. Rico


Took this Q on short notice, but after some beers and nipple Roulette on Thurs. night,  it was obvious that we needed some beatdown routlette.    I created a series of mental Roulette wheels and had the team verbally spin!


Spin 1 – Brought us to Lakefront for the Warm-O-Rama:

Basic Stuff


-Imperial Walkers

-Weed Pickers


-Arm Rolls

-Neck Rolls


The Thang:

Beatdown had many different potential scenarios…all were determine by the virtual wheel

Spin 2: Windammer 11’s…up and down the hill 10x…with 11’s of sqauts and calf raises

Spin 3: Boat Ramp……..4 Corner Abs…one burpee in the middle

-Corner 1: BB Sit-ups

-Corner 2 : LBC

-Corner 3: Box Cutters

-Corner 4: Flutter Kicks

Spin 4: Sportspark playground

-Pull-ups and Dips

Spin 5: Balls to Wall

Spin 6: Lakefront Lunges as part of mosey back to Flag

Spin 7: Finished last 4-5 min with Coupon Colt 45s – Shoulder press, Skull Crushers, Curls



Thoughts and prayers for the soul and the family of my cousin Michael

-See Cox about opps to integrate F3 with a new veterans group with whom he recently connected

-FIA/2.0 Convergence tomorrow – See details on Slack

-Windjammer sponsored OB Beatdown next Sat – See Slack notes from False Start

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Heavy hearted beatdown thinking about my cousin (3rd) and his unexpected tragic death earlier this week.   Thinking back to our times at the Jersey shore and mailing baseball cards to each other as kids makes me sad that he and I did not remain as close as we aged.   Hold and treasure those relationships!

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