I guess we’ll just wing it…like we always do

AO: The Gladiator

When: 07/29/2021

QIC: Spandex

PAX (11): Cheneral, Tarheel, Laces, SnowBird, ScratchOff, Wicka Wicka, FireDrill, Speedo, Beauty, IronHead, Spandex


I arrived this morning knowing full well that Speedo had the Q.  I was looking forward to it because he’s a pretty creative guy and I typically enjoy his Qs.  After greeting Wick Wicka, he asked me, “who’s got the Q?”  I replied it was Speedo and then continued on with my stretching.  I was then informed by Speedo that the Q was actually mine.  I typically like to have a plan, but that would not be the case this morning.

The disclaimer was given and we were off without a plan.  Eleven of us moseyed to the parking lot next to the rec center and proceeded with the Warm-O-Rama.



  • 15 SSH…How predictable
  • 10 Weed Pickers
  • 10 Mountain Climbers

The Thang:

After the warmup, the PAX headed over to the coupon pile and were instructed to find a good-sized coupon that would be a challenge for curls and the like.  We partnered up and began.

  • Thrusters:  Partner 1 performed thrusters while partner 2 ran the hill.  Partners then switched and continued until both partners had run and performed the exercise twice.
  • Bent over rows:  Partner 1 performed rows while partner 2 ran the hill.  Partners then switched and continued until both partners had run and performed the exercise twice.
  • Curls:  Partner 1 performed curls while partner 2 ran the hill.  Partners then switched and continued until both partners had run and performed the exercise twice.

Plank for the 6…and some Mary was called

So far, so good.  I’m pretty sure only a few PAX knew that I was just winging it.

We returned our coupons and headed to the pitch for some 4 corners.  We counted off to break into 4 small groups and then the exercises were assigned.  It was at this point where Speedo called me out for “making stuff up” after I had assigned burpees for two of the stations.  How did he know that wasn’t intentional?  How did he know that the additional burpees were just the perfect mix to make this exercise prescription perfect?  I guess, with old age comes wisdom.  My cover was blown and now the whole PAX knew I was just winging it.

4 Corners:

  • Corner 1:  20 monkey humpers
  • Corner 2:  10 burpees
  • Corner 3:  20 Big Boy Sit Ups
  • Corner 4:  10 burpees

Well, we were done at the pitch, so the PAX headed to the main parking lot hill.  Eleven’s were next on the impromptu menu.


  • 1 jump squat at the bottom
  • 10 Big Boy Sit Ups at the top

Continue until you’ve completed the 11s

After the 11s, there was still some time left on the clock.  The PAX lined up and we began an Indian Run, or should I say a Guardian Run around the main parking lot.  After the second trip around the lot, Beauty chimed in asking, “how many of these are we going to do?”  It reminded me of the family road trips I took when I was a kid.  These types of questions/comments came up often. “How much longer?”  “Are we there yet?”  “This is boring!”  “Scott touched me!”  Anyways, we did one more lap just for Beauty’s benefit.

Mary was next on the impromptu menu.  In the spirit of continuing to mess with Beauty, I called on him for the first three.  He was a bit winded from the third Indian Run lap and passed on this assignment.  Some Mary was called for a few minutes and then boredom set in for YHC.  Because I was winging it, I could easily make changes on the fly.  The PAX then lined up at the curb and we ran wind sprints until the clock ran out.  We were able to complete 3 before time expired.  Beauty was thankful that we were able to run a little more (sarcasm intended).  However, Laces and ScratchOff did seem to really enjoy the wind sprints.

Winging it wasn’t so bad after all.


Pray for Wicka Wicka and his kidney situation.  He’s on a donor list and may have to have dialysis depending on his next test results.

Sat 7/31
FIA / F3 / 2.0 Convergence at North Park Turf Field 2

Naked-Man Moleskin:

It was a pleasure seeing all of you this morning!  Thanks for letting me lead!

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