Who else needs a post BD morning nap?

AO: Windjammer

When: 07/28/2021

QIC: milli vanilli

PAX (13): Stu, ugga, walkie talkie, false start, cox, funion, brutus, dr rico, nra, cart path, miller time, cookie, milli vanilli....


It’s been a while since I put a new workout together so last night I got lost in the Exicon….let’s mix things up a bit.


5:30 pre-ruck…False Start, Cart Path, and YHC returned to the Flag to find more than a few cars in the parking lot.

Great turnout, let’s have some fun.  Let’s start with the disclaimers…modify as needed, YHC is anything but a professional.  Please don’t sue F3, Windward, Cookie, Cookie’s boat, Miller Time, and yours truly.




A mosey over to the Flag on the lake for a quick warmup


  1. SSH
  2. Copperhead Squat
  3. A Cleveland Guardians special, Willie Mays Hays
  4. Imperial Walkers

And let’s begin, mosey back to the parking lot.

The Thang:

Here we go….I’ve got a brand new winkie so let’s get going.

The Thang 1 – SPARTAN

100 yard (or perhaps more because we’re in a parking lot and not a football field) SPRINTS.

– 10 reps chosen by PAX at random.  Said PAX selected merkins, J Lo’s, wide arm merkins, flutter kicks, box cutters, diamond merkins, and more.

Keep in mind, the Exicon calls for 30 SPRINTS.  We modified this to 10.

The Thang 2 – DUCK & WEAVE

– All 13 PAX got their weave on.

The Thang 3 – PUMP JACK

PAX pair up.  PAX 1 does 5 Merkins while Pax 2 Planks.  Alternative…no rest.

As soon as the pair has a Merkin failure, pair lunge walks around the remaining PAX until the last team is standing cheering them on.

This lasted all of 58 seconds.  Looks like we’ have time for extra credit.

The Thang 4 – Individual Medley

5 burpees

5 merkins

5 flutter kicks (alpha count)


Repeat and add one rep…

Most PAX got through two sets of the IM aaaaaaaaaand that’s time.

Wow….we got a lot accomplished today.


Prayers to Funion’s fam for safe travels today.  2.0 workout this saturday at the Norsemen.  Get your Darth t-shirts. Still working on this raft up, subject to change.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

As always, it’s an honor to have the opportunity to lead here.  I look forward to it and enjoy getting a bit creative with the routine…but more importantly, it’s about this group of men.  We support each and push each other to be better HIM in all facets of our lives.  I can’t think of a better way to start the day.

Now then….about that nap.

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