In search of the the elusive 4th F… frisbee???

AO: The Gladiator

When: 07/27/2021

QIC: Animal

PAX (15): Delicious, Hitchcock, Cheneral, Ironhead, Raspberry Pi, Scratch-Off, Scar, Speedo, Stroller, Snowbird, Shiner, Shrinkage, Bo Knows, Zohan, Animal


YHC was very excited to be back at The Gladiator. Being able to have a birthday Q here made the return all that much sweeter. When thinking of ideas for the BD, it occurred to me that in all of my previous times at the Gladiator, the East Roswell disc golf course had never been used. Having played a few rounds on the course, I felt confident, a little over confident it turns out, that I’d be able to lead the crew around the course in the dark. So headlamps were donned, and off we went in to the gloom.


After a short mosey, we circled up in the parking lot next to the playground for the obligatory birthday SSHs.

The Thang:

Another short mosey, this time to the tee pad for hole #1, where YHC explained how everything was gonna work…

  • For our “drive”, we’d simply mosey down the fairway of each hole
  • For our “upshot/approach”, when the Q calls out to the group, we would either lunge-walk (odd numbered holes) or bear crawl (even numbered holes) to the basket area
  • For our “putt”, we completed a sequence of burpees, squats, and merkins
    • Starting with 18 burpees on hole 1, and decreasing by 1 each hole (17, 16, …)
    • Take the # burpee reps, add 20, and that is the number of squats (ex. 38 on hole 1, 37 on hole 2, …)
    • Do the same # of merkins as burpees
    • Wait for the 6 (plank, air-chair, etc)

Once everyone finished their “putt” on hole 1, another twist was thrown in. YHC stashed a frisbee near hole 1, and at the end of each hole, one PAX would volunteer and try to make a putt from a spot of YHC’s choosing. If the putt was made, 5 reps would be taken off of each exercise on the following hole. If not, then we would simply continue as normal, and the putter would be subject to a nice taunting from the group. YHC had little expectation of made putts from the PAX, but was pleasantly surprised when several of the PAX drained their putts, including one that was easily 35-40ft (in disc golf terms, what they’d call “outside the circle”). I think we definitely had some “sandbaggers” in the group!

All was going great with navigation until a slight miscalculation after the 5th hole that was taking us down the wrong path. Fortunately, we caught this quickly, and got back on track. After finishing up hole 6, time was starting to run short, so we finished out the front 9 with a trail run down the fairway of holes 7 – 9.

After some initial confusion on my part, the group would eventually make their way back towards the flag, stopping at the side of the rec center for 3 rounds of balls-to-the wall and donkey kicks. PAX partnered up, one partner would hold balls-to-the-wall while the other completed 20 donkey kicks. Rinse and repeat for 3 rounds, until each partner had completed 60 donkey kicks.

From there it was back to the flag for a few rounds of Mary.


Prayers for Dreamer and his wife, on their upcoming baby (now newborn). Congrats buddy!

Don’t forget about the F3 + FiA + 2.0s convergence this weekend at North Park (Norseman AO). Be sure to let Scratch-Off know if you can make it.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I feel like one of the most important “muscles” that F3 can help you strengthen is your leadership “muscle”. Like any other skill, your leadership can only get better if you practice. All the books and seminars in the world won’t do anything for you if you don’t put those ideas in to practice and find your own way. I am continually grateful for the opportunity that F3 provides to strengthen my leadership “muscle”. Today was no exception.


And of course, props to the Gladiator PAX for always bringing the 1st-rate mumble chatter. You guys rock!

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