Flashback – Inauguration Day, July 21, 2015

AO: Jericho

When: 07/23/2021

QIC: Swiper

PAX (11): Schneider, White Claw, Clyde, Snowman, Inseam, Deuce, Goldberg, Emeril, Chin Strap, Spit Valve, Swiper


OK, so YHC just crossed over the six-year anniversary of one of the most haunting mornings of my entire life.  Wading through the PTSD – clouded memories, I was finally able to recollect enough of the details to face them once again…

I fogot to mention that, on my inaugural trip down pain boulevard, the Q was none other than “Nacho Libre” of the famed Norseman crew.  Other PAX from my inaugural BD that are still in circulation around the Alpha include Boomer, No-See Um, and DC2.


Good number of PAX ready to head out, but missing Emeril and his “for real this time” HC, we started south…but wait, headlights in the rear view!  He made it!  And eliminated any fears that the British Open breakfast taco / Guiness party had been the summit of his F3 identity!  Good news as the rest of us had already voted unanimously on making it an annual event!  Circle back and off we go…

Stop at the middle parking lot for Mary:


Abe Vigoda

Willie Mays Hays

Michael Phelps

The Thang:

This beat down was an attempt to re-create the first BD I participated in.  One that, after 10 minutes, my brain was digging for any excuse possible to walk away, but none emerged, so here is how it went:

Mosey down the hill to the bottom for a circular pain station.  Quick stop at the overgrown coupon pile to grab some accessories:

This partner routine consists of partner A doing a combination hill sprint/ mosey while partner B performs a set of exercises, AMRAP as follows:

7 Burpees

15 Mercans

21 Lift Clean and Press with coupon

Rinse and Repeat X 6

This one was a continuous effort with no break to speak of other than the downhill mosey after the uphill sprint, which left little relief when you saw your partner climbing up from a burpee/ mercan or pushing their coupon high in the air with Schneider’ esque groans from all directions.

Mosey back up the hill with a quick stop by the middle parking lot for some animal transport methods across the parking lot:  Bear crawls, inch worms, duck walks, crab crawls.

Back to the flag for Mary, but added in for good measure:

6 Burpees

15 Bonnie Blairs

21 Big Boi Sit ups



Prayers for:

  • Snowman’s friend who is battling substance abuse
  • Benny’s cousin health issues
  • Continued prayers for Scully’s family over his father in Hospice care

Some great events on deck up and coming in the Alpha:

  • 7/31/21:  F3/ FIA/ 2.0 convergence at Norseman
  • 8/21/21:  Darth Visor Memorial CSAUP at Big Creek

Naked-Man Moleskin:

YHC is more thankful than ever for the six years that I have been part of this amazing group of men.  I am a better version of myself because of you.  I often hear, when I say I have been doing it for 6 years, a surprised reaction.  Wow?  Really?  6 years?  Although we all experience up’s and down’s, I can say with confidence that I have never wanted to stop doing this.  It gives me something that I haven’t found anywhere else and I hate the thought of my life without it.  No one knows what the future brings or how long we have to be part of it on this earth; by my hope remains that, as long as there is breath in my lungs, I’ll SYITG:)  Aye!

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