Opening Ceremonies

AO: Bushwood

When: 07/23/2021

QIC: Popper

PAX (14): Waterboy, Ballboy, ReadyMix, Flo, Laces Out, Jocko, Dinghy, Lumbergh, Julius, Angus, Saint2O, Maguire, Hooter Shooter (FNG), Popper


With a Q on the same day as the opening ceremonies of the Olympics, at an AO as versatile as Bushwood with its dual land and sea components, you know YHC could not resist planning an Olympics-themed beatdown. Much thanks to Flo for contributing his workout equipment, and to Saint2O for shortening the pre-run and helping set up.

By 6am, fourteen PAX (a possible Bushwood record!) assembled, including several 2.0s, an FNG, and visiting F3 Alpha dignitary Lumbergh. YHC offered the standard disclaimer, and then the PAX were off.


Mosey up the steep hill to the first street, then circle back around, ending at the basketball court.

Turn on an Olympics-themed playlist and circle up for several warmup exercises in cadence:

  • Side Straddle Hop
  • Weed Picker
  • Imperial Walker
  • Windmill
  • Moroccan Night Club

The Thang:

Thang 1: Olympic Circuit

PAX partnered up to work through an Olympic circuit.  Partner 1 does an exercise of a specified rep count or distance, while Partner 2 does a different exercise AMRAP. Switch places, then rinse and repeat until the Station #1 timers have each carried the torch (flag). Stations are as follows:

Station Event Location Equipment Partner 1 Partner 2
1 Torch carry (timer) B-ball court to steep hill Shovel flag Mosey with flag to first street on steep hill and back (USA! USA! USA!) American hammer w/shovel AMRAP
2 Weightlifting B-ball court Long sandbag Clean & Jerk with long sandbag x 10 Dead lift ruck AMRAP
3 Sprinting B-ball court to soccer goal None Sprint to far soccer goal and back Hold Warrior 1 yoga pose
4 Rowing B-ball court Cinderblock Bent-over row w/cinderblock x 20 Crunchy frog AMRAP
5 Volleyball Volleyball net Medicine Ball Squat-thrust-toss Medicine Ball over the net to partner Same
Air chair while waiting for the return
6 Climbing B-ball court None Bear crawl x 5 steps out Mountain climber AMRAP
Crawl bear x 5 steps back
7 Gymnastics Playground Playground equipment Pull-ups x 10 Star Jumps AMRAP

The PAX made it through four stations before we transitioned to the swim portion of the Games. They were left wanting more, and they’ll have to catch it on TV over the next couple weeks.

Thang 2: Swimming, Individual Medley

PAX entered the pool area and donned their goggles for a 100-yd Individual Medley:

  • 25 yd Butterfly
  • 25 yd Backstroke
  • 25 yd Breaststroke
  • 25 yd Freestyle

Early finishers led some interim Mary while waiting for the six.

Thang 3: Triathlon

The Olympic triathlon comprises Swim, Cycling, and Running in that order. At Bushwood we adapted this grueling sequence to the following:

  • 25 yd freestyle
  • 50 Freddie Mercury alpha-count on pool deck
  • 25 yd freestyle
  • 50 High Knees alpha-count on pool deck
  • Rinse & Repeat

Early finishers moved the water basketball hoop to the deep end while waiting for the six.

Thang 4: Basketball / Water Polo Mashup

With the remaining time the PAX divided into two teams for a 7-on-7 mashup of Basketball and Water Polo in the deep end of the pool. PAX were told the prize for winning Gold was 5 burpees, and the prize for winning Silver was 10 burpees.

In summary, YHC’s team won 4-2, due to no particular contribution by YHC. FNG Hooter Shooter (headed to Kennesaw State University to play on their college basketball team in the fall) knocked everyone’s socks off with precision ability to score repeatedly from Downtown.

When time was called, Silver was awarded 10 burpees, and YHC announced that in a show of solidarity that Gold would actually also be awarded 10 burpees.


Prayers for trust in the Lord’s provision in times of search and waiting.

Prayers for a friend heading to military basic training.

With this being YHC’s birthday Q, the PAX enjoyed some birthday cookies as a parting treat.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Bushwood never disappoints. This AO has everything, and is the perfect spot to commemorate the opening ceremonies of the 2021 (2020?) summer games. Thanks to the PAX for giving YHC the great birthday gift of leading this stellar group of HIMs in the gloom. This beatdown was really fun!

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