Snooki’s BLIMPS

AO: Windjammer

When: 07/21/2021

QIC: False Start

PAX (9): Walkie Talkie, Milli Vanilli, Cookie, Cart Path, Stu, NRA, Cox, Dr. Rico, False Start


No, not those ‘blimps,’ you dirty minded guy!  It was YHC’s glorious return to the Windjammer after 2 weeks in NJ.  There were Snooki and Jersey Shore comments galore in Slack, so I had to come up with something that didn’t leave the guys room to speak much this morning.  Challenge accepted!

3 PAX for the good-ole pre-ruck.


Mosey to the dam where the PAX said it was raining, but it was dry under the tree that I lined up under.  Hmmm, not sure what was going on there…anyway, down to business:

  • SSH
  • Toy Soldier
  • Weedpicker
  • Bat Wings
  • COVIDs

Mosey back to the top of the parking lot, to where the fun begins.


The Thang:

We’ve all heard of BLIMPS (what?!?!? you haven’t?  you need to attend more BDs!!!).  This one is the Hindenburg BLIMPS, courtesy of the Exicon.  Here’s how it works:

  • Standard BLIMPS with the following rep counts:
    • Burpees – 10
    • Lunges – 20
    • Imperial Walkers – 30
    • Merkins – 40
    • Plank Jacks – 50
    • Squats – 60
  • Use the defined 4 corners of the parking lot and complete the exercise (10x Burpees for example) in each corner
  • Plank for the 6 after completing the 4 corners
  • Move on to the next (20x Lunges)
  • Repeat the sequence until we finish

We almost finished, so we combined the last 2 corners into 25 plank jacks and 25 squats so we could get them in.  Mosey back to the flag for some Mary:

  • LBC
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Picklepounders



Prayers for NRA’s father as he continues to battle health issues.

2 Upcoming Events:

  • Convergence w/ FiA and 2.0s
  • Darth Visor CSAUP

Gauging interest for an F3-only Pickleball 101 night with Milli Vanilli’s Brother-in-Law.  Reach out directly to me if you’d like to join.

Cox has a VQ at The Widowmaker this weekend.  Go out and support him!  He promised lots of running the Widowmaker. 🙂

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Man, it felt great (and tough) to be back.  I ran while I was out on vacation, but didn’t push myself like I did this morning.  The power of this group never ceases to amaze me.  Thanks for all being there and continuing to push me and the group.

History Note:  Dr. Rico, you were correct! The Hindenburg exploded in Manchester Township, NJ on May 6, 1937.  Kind of like my legs at the end of that BD. Snooki was not there, in case anybody wondered.  The world was not graced with her presence until November 23, 1987.

Until next time!

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