Maximum Overkill

AO: The Grindstone

When: 07/19/2021

QIC: Whiz

PAX (12): Whiz, Cookie, Zohan, Milli Vanilli, Spit Valve, Snowman, Mr. Hand, Swiper, Chinstrap, Schneider, Sculley, Goldberg


YHC had a few ideas for the BD last night but it all came together when I came across one of my favorite 80’s movies on TV – Maximum Overdrive.  This one still checks the 80’s movie boxes for me and has a kick-ass soundtrack by AC/DC.  Combine this with maximum reps and a desire to overload the beatdown and the theme for Maxium Overkill was born.  Can’t have overkill without a side of Motorhead to go along with AC/DC on the soundtrack and we were locked-in.


Quick mosey to the big ass parking lot for some SSH, good morning, windmill, and willie mays haze IC.

The Thang:

Thang of today’s gloom was a solo Dora.  No reason not to go it alone on this one.  Grab a medium coupon for the first 2 rounds and exchange for a large one on the last.

100 curls (lap after every 20 reps)

200 LBC’s (w/ coupon) (lap after every 40 reps)

300 chest press (lap after every 60 reps)

head right into a round of bat wings after all PAX were finished to keep the shoulder burn going.  Head back to the flag for the last 4 minutes of mary…only there was no mary to be had this morning.  Only burpees.  20 OYO followed by another 10 for good measure to take us right up to time.

YHC believes there was some overkill in there somewhere though always looking for ways to pour it on thicker.



Prayers for Sculley’s dad and Snowman’s trip to Charlotte.  Announcements for F3/FiA/2.0 convergence on 7/31 and Darth Visor Memorial CSAUP on 8/21.  Check slack for details and get those shirt orders in.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Great way to start the week with an amazing group of HIM.  So thankful to be part of this community and for the accountability push.

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