Flying Brink Relay

AO: The Wreck

When: 07/19/2021

QIC: Sellout

PAX (12): Sellout, Tubbs, Miller Time, Gouda, Corky, Norm, Switch, YaoMing, Raider, Yankee, Catheter, Juul


The gloom felt like the moist inside of moist. Damp, clingy, dark…. yes mushroom weather. Oh did I say “warm” ?   But they rolled in with high expectations to get the week started. Thanks for bringing us together!


We grabbed nice dirt laden red bricks out of the back of the Swag-o-wagon and held them aloft over our heads as we moseyed into the dark. Up to the top parking lot by the activity building for…. Ten of most. Tin soldier, Abe Vigoda, Imperieal walkers, plank jacks, arm circles.


Grab yo bricks, and mosey!  Down to the lake path.

The Thang:

We divided up into four teams of three. The entire PAX started with merkins. The first group of three ran to the first street light waving their brick laden arms like birds.  When the got to the light they dropped and began the merkins. Then the next group started running to the next light after the first group. Drop and start merkins. Similiar to an indian run but stopping for exercise.  Each group of three kept proceeding to the very next light. When the last group reached their light. The first group (who is now last) popped up and ran to the light ahead of what is now the first group. Proceed around the lake. As groups arrive back at start all PAX performed flutters for the six.

Repeat this routine trading out exercises. Started with merkins, on back butterflys, Alternating skull crushers, Bent over flys,

To finish we did an indian run back to the flag performing curls. Arrived right on time.



Prayers for AFLAC’s dad, we have a 2.0 and M convergence on 7/31. Should be a blast!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Routine is good and routine can be boring.  Fun to push ourselves in new ways.

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