Burpees and Swimming, Oh My!

AO: Bushwood

When: 07/16/2021

QIC: Saint2O

PAX (8): Ballboy, Meatball, Popper, Aftershave, Maguire, Sugar, Slim Jim, Saint2O


Another glorious morning at Bushwood, for some fun and swimming!


Quick loop around the parking lot and then some SSH, WP, IW, and MNC.

The Thang:

As we moseyed over to the street and towards the hill, YHC mentioned that there was chatter of making this AO a “burpee-free zone” after the pool closed. Therefore, the plan today was to blow it out with lots of burpees.

We started with burpee light poles up the hill, mosey up the hill and stop at each light pole for 5 burpees and keep going until you get to the top. At the top, the plan was to do 5 burpees for any light poles on the left and 5 squats for light poles on the left. Turns out it was not symmetrical and (luckily) we did lots more squats than burpees on the way down.

Once we were back in the parking lot, we did a deconstructed burpee in the four corners: 10 sumo squats, 10 leg kick outs (can’t remember the name), 10 merkins, and then 10 jumps with clap at the top. Then we topped it off with 10 burpees.

Then, off to the pool, to take a dip and cool off, and keep working hard!

Once everyone got their goggles on, we started with 5 burpees, then swim down and back, then 4 burpees, and so on until you get to 1 and stop. Then we went to the side and got in the pool. Do 10 muscle ups, run to the lane line and back through the water, then 10 up and outs, and to the lane line and back. Two sets of that.

Next we went to the deep end to throw the slippery football while treading water with hands out of the water. If anyone dropped the ball, there was a 5 overhead clap penalty. That was super fun.

Next we headed back to the start for 4 final laps and then hit some Mary with as many noisy exercises as we could like LBCs, Freddie Mercury and such.


Prayers for those suffering here and abroad, and those traveling.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Honored to lead today, thanks men! I love the fun variety we get at Bushwood, and I know I’ll miss the pool when it’s closed after summer.

SYITG, Saint

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