Tweaker’s Migrane

AO: The Galaxy

When: 07/16/2021

QIC: Jorts

PAX (12): Sparky, Schneaky, Wideright, Steamer, Marcia, Warbucks, Spring Break, So So Def, Abacus, Waco, Sawblade


4:28 AM – Tweaker: Hate to do this but can one of you fill in for me today. Massive migraine been up most night.
YHC: Got you… (proceeds to scramble to throw some coupons into my truck)

5 Pax joined for a 2.6 mile pre-ruck (Sparky, Schneaky, Wideright, Steamer, Jorts)


AIC x 12
Don Quixote
Bear hugs

Grab the coupons (1 80lb sandbag, 1 60 lb sandbag, 1 40 lb sandbag, 25 lb slam ball, 30 lb ruck plate)

Slow mosey across the park, through the woods (yes it was really dark), out to the new turf field at Fullers park

The Thang:

Drop the coupons in the crease (Lax bro Schneaky’s term), except 80 lb bag which goes on the sideline.

Pax line up in plank shoulder to shoulder along sideline and start pulling the sandbag underneath and down the line, after you push bag onto the next pax get up and move to the end of the line. Continue for the length of the field. Leaving the 80 pounder on the endline

Spread out on the endline and burpee broad jump all the way back to the other end line.

Grab the remaining 4 coupons and divide up into groups of 3 for 3 man grinders.
– 1st pax runs to mid field and back
– 2nd pax holds a plank on the end line then runs out to relieve the 3rd pax who starts running
– 3rd pax does exercise with coupon
60 lb sandbag – throws from between the legs
40 lb sandbag – side toss
25 lb slam ball – chest throws
30 lb ruck plate – walking lunges

Only had time for each group to do 2 of the coupons

Mosey back to the other end line to bring the 80 lb bag back down with plank pull throughs

left the coupons at the field and mosey back to East Cobb Park and the flag

Upon arriving to the flag YHC queued up Thunderstruck for burpees on every Thunder (27 total)

Finished with a bicycle race (3.5 min of Freddie Mercury)


Prayers for traveling pax
Prayers for Marcia’s M as she approaches the delivery of their baby
Prayers for Tweaker to get healthy and rejoin the group

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