40 minutes of hell

AO: Jericho

When: 07/16/2021

QIC: 5-Way

PAX (12): crabcake,snowman,emeril,baskins,swiper,goldberg,deuce,whiteclaw,chinstrap,inseam,schneider,5-way


7 PAX converged on Jericho 1 for ruck (Crab Cake) and 6 for pre-run (Snowman, Deuce, Whiteclaw, Chinstrap, Schneider, 5-way)


Moseyed around the football field for the warm ups

15 Side Straddle Hop

12 Windmills

12 Week pickers

12 Michael Phelps

The Thang:

40 minutes of hell:

Dora style

Alternating back pedaling across football field with a Bobby Hurley followed by sprint back

150 burpees (cut down to 100)

300 squats

150 big boy sit-ups

Several exercises added by chinstrap and a few others for the six (which YHC was a part of :-))

halftime – 15 count rest

Swiper had a nice audible to switch from back pedaling to karaoke and wolverine instead of Bobby Hurley (later switch wolverine to lunges at start of merkins)

300 little baby arm circles

150 merkins

300 imperial walkers

Special treat for the 6 which YHC was not a part of:  bataan death crawl

Needless to say YHC did make any new friends today 🙂


SAVE THE DATE: Saturday, Aug 21 we will be hosting the 1st annual Darth Visor Memorial CSAUP to honor a fallen F3 Alpha brother, Randy Faile aka Darth Visor. – Big Creek

Prayer requests:  Baskins oldest son Hunter broken collar bone, baby Benjamin born 15 weeks pre-mature

TNT: There is a battle raging in our minds.  There are always good things and bad things we can focus on.  Think of there being two parallel bullet trains going on in our lives.  We can choose which bullet train we want to ride on.  YHC shared struggles to get off the negativity train and implemented journaling daily about 10 things to be thankful for which over time has transformed the ability to ride more frequently on the positivity train.  Encourage others to fight for their tickets on the positive thought train.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Special thanks to Emeril for setting us up with some breakfast and coffeteria+ for an awesome British Open watch party!  Honored to be in battle with ya fellas!

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