No Longer 26

AO: Big Creek

When: 07/14/2021

QIC: Inseam

PAX (16): Benny, Snowman, Crab Cake, Sculley, Baskins, Deja Vu, Schneider, Swiper, Hushpuppy, Mr. Hand, 5-way, McDuff, Deuce, Spit Valve, Crop Duster, Inseam


After being 26 for two years, YHC and many local PAX were all looking forward to this BD. YHC finally turns 27 and it’s time to throw down…party like it’s 1994. Mr. Hand was an All-Star in ’94. Snowman was starting his career and paving his path to absolute boss-status with a life of general badass-ary in ’94. YHC, on the other hand, was living like a king in ’94. Didn’t feed myself, didn’t dress myself…hell, I didn’t even wipe my own butt.. Nary a worry in the world.. Free as a bird.. It was great.

Moving on – with the massive influx of PAX in AlphaNorth leading to an absolute re-invigoration of HIM and full Q-sheets across the board, YHC doesn’t have the change to lead a BD as much as he use to. This desire coupled with a reason to celebrate equals an absolute suckfest paired with a killer playlist. YHC knew this. The PAX knew this. Yet, they had no idea..


5:25 – 2 Preruckers stroll in and dump their massive sacks. 3 Prerunners round the corner and re-shirt themselves.

5:28 – Trade the typical pre-BD Alan Parsons Project intro out for an edited “Epic” version of the great Sirius Intro. Clock strikes 5:28. Hit play. Lets begin

YHC gives the disclaimer (dropping the stiff Legal bits & just explaining why PAX might not consider pursing legal action in the event of an injury). YHC places great emphasis on FORM and EFFORT. If your brother finishes his burpees and you are only halfway through, FINISH. Your brother can accelerate in his own way while he waits.

Mosey to greenway trail head. Perform the following all IC (demonstrating proper form for each).

  • SSH
  • Hillbilly
  • Abe Windmill Mays Hayes
  • Blades of Steel (see exicon)

The Thang:

Head into the Skate Park. Take the extremely treacherous route. Survive. Circle up and the bowls.

Thang 1: Tony Hawk 1, 2, 3s (think dora in a skate park)

Partner up. Pax 1 jumps down into the bowl. Pax 2 puts his six on the edge of the bowl, dangling his mosey-makers over the abyss. Pax 2 acts as the timer and performs 27 Big O’s before jumping down and tagging Pax 1 out for a partner flapjack. Exercises are performed until the team reaches the prescribed count.

  • 54 Burpees (27 x 2, get it)
  • 108 Blades of Steel (27 x 4)
  • 216 Squat Jacks (you got this)

Mosey on over to the water fountains. WHAT?! Still turned off? **insert eye roll of the century. our M’s would be proud** Finish mosey over to the Hand-Soccer Courts. Introduce PAX to another new one, the Intentional Thinker. This replaces your typical 10-count. Look it up on the F3 Exicon. Pretty funny stuff.

Thang 2: (20) 7 of Diamonds. 

Think typical 7 of diamonds, except increasing by 6.75 rather than 7, though, in order to end at 27 instead of 28.

  • Round 1 at each of the 4 corners perform 6.75 Burpees
  • Round 2 at each… …13.5 BBSU
  • Round 3… …20.25 Merkins
  • Round 4… …27 High Knew Squats (squat + 4 highknees = 1)
  • Round 5… … 6.75 Burpees
  • Round 6… …13.5 BBSU
  • Round 7… …20.25 Merkins

YHC grossly underestimated the time this would take, so we only completed the bolded rounds above. Audibles were made.

Mosey on home for 2 MoM….CURVE BALL OF THE CENTURY. We didnt do your typical LBC nonsense. Rather, YHC grabbed some Budweiser’s out of the truck bed and we did 2 minutes of 12 ounce curls! All the while enjoying the beautiful lyrical masterpiece that is “I Like Beer”.


TNT Message – Stolen from an F3 Buddy’s Linked In post – Failure is okay. We expected to be perfect and all-knowing, but that isn’t real. Exercise humility. Fail. Learn. Grow.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

That was actually a blast for me! I enjoyed the heck out of this one, even though it REALLY SUCKED. Thanks, brothers, for pushing me and accelerating with me.

Big props to Crop Duster for coming back out and crushing it. The dude keeps getting slobber-knocker BDs thrown at him and he keeps crushing them up and making them call him “Sir”. Keep accelerating, brother!

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