F3 Feud 3.0

AO: Firehouse

When: 07/13/2021

QIC: Benny

PAX (8): Dunshire, Suarez, Tadpole, Goldberg, Ace Ventura, Script Kiddie, Crumpet


F3 Feud

Today’s theme was the good old game show, The Family Feud (with an F3 twist of course). Clearly, we are one family so we took turns guessing the answers, the # is the reps and for every miss, we do 3-6-9 burpees. We will air chair while we wait.  Don’t worry, for correct answers, we do repetitions equal to number of 100 people in survey that picked that answer.





GRAB A COUPON AND Hallelujahs to the FIELD

The Thang:

Name a Professional Sport Where the Players Make a Lot of Money
Football (29) – Curls with Coupon
Baseball (27) – Sweat Angels – on your six double dolley- arms and legs
Basketball (24) – Plank Jacks
Soccer (7) – overhead coupon squats
Tennis (7) – Jingle Balls
Darts (2) – Frog Jumps

Name Marvel’s Avengers

Captain America (22) – American Hammers
Iron Man (22) – Merkins
Black Panther (20) – Bonnie Blairs
The Hulk (15) – Curls with Coupons
Thor (15) – Captain Thor’s
Black Widow (9) – Carolina Dry Docks
Spiderman (3) – Spider-Man Merkins
Hawkeye (3) – CPRs – Curl, Press, Tricep ext with coupon

Name a Type of Insurance
Car (28) – Curls with coupon
Health/Dental (22) – Skull crushers w/ coupon
Life (15) – Lounges alpha count
Home (10) – Homer to Marge to Mr. Burns
Renter’s (8) – Diamond Merkins
Flood (6) – Freddy Mercuries
Travel (4) – Ground Pounders
Blackjack (2) – Burpees

Besides a Person, Name Something People Hug

Pets (53) – 53 Rows with coupon
Pillow (25) – Star Jumps
Teddy Bear (13) – Bear Crawl for 13 sec – alpha
Trees (7) – Al Gores but hold for 17 count in cadence

Grabbed a coupon and Hallelujahs, curls, overhead press were alternating as we walked back to drop off coupon and mosey to flag.


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