Grindstone Manifest Experience

AO: The Grindstone

When: 07/12/2021

QIC: Swiper

PAX (12): Five Way, Crab Cake, Scully, Mini Fridge, Deuce, Inseam, Goldberg, Spit Valve, Snowman, Schneider, Mr. Hand, Swiper


OK, so this is the second time in 2021 that YHC has been standing by the flag completely dry only to have bizarre signs from above (pouring rain 100 yards away) and the skies open up out of nowhere, so I started doing some research and it appears that I have found the answer.  In 1779, an old moonshiner named Jedediah Grimestone was said to have a still in the very location where our flag is planted.  One day he was mixing up a batch of some 180 proof deliciousness  when a storm came out of nowhere.  Battling the fierce wind and driving rain, he stood strong and yelled out against the raging storm, but then out of nowhere,  he vanished, leaving a full vat of his finest concoction for all of the original FoCo residents to enjoy.  That could be the sad ending, except one day in 1988 as the polls were starting to fill up at the new voting precinct, an old man in tattered clothing walked in to place his vote for GW Senior with a hand written ID card with none other than the name….you guessed it.  He wasn’t there to vote, he wanted to know who stole his moonshine, but the answer was that it had all been consumed…over 200 years earlier.  I truly thought that we might emerge from today’s beat down and realize it was the year 2034, be we apparently escaped the worm hole for the second time in a few short months.  (Insert creepy Stranger Things theme music….)  Off we go!


Mosey from the holding pattern of driving rain over to the North Side parking lot for Mary…oh well, driving rain caught us and gave us a good soaking as we enjoyed the following:



Willie Mays Hayes

Good Mornings

The Thang:

Rain stopped, so YHC thought his baseball field BD may be an option after all.  Partner up and head to the fields by the entrance with some Catch Me if You Can.

Partner A – Bernie Sanders

Partner B- Do 3 burpees, then run to catch your partner and switch.

Next, Mosey to the Pavilion for some Death Star Drills.

Travel to the (4) sidewalk stations and perform a series of exercises.

Short paths = Bear Crawls

Station 1:  10 Burpees

Station 2:  20 Star Jumps

Long paths = sprints

Station 3:  40 Squats

Station 4: 50 LBC’s

Where is the “30” exercise?  Ask the worm hole…

Another observation is that these paths do not drain.  At all.  Seriously.  It rained for like 3 minutes and we had 8-inch puddles everywhere.

Each time returning to the center, pay a toll of 10 Doinkey Kicks.

Round 2:  RNR swapping bear crawls for crab walks and squats for Mercans.

+10 on stations 1 & 2 and -10 on 3 and 4.

Mosey back around to the start of the path for Round 2 of Catch Me if you Can.  Partner A slow mosey

Partner B does 3 burpees and sprints to catch up with their partner, then switches.

Back to the flag for some heels to heaven and we’re out!


  • Official announcement for the Darth Visor Memorial CSAUP on 8/21 at Big Creek.  T-Shirt order will be forthcoming
  • F3/ FiA/ 2.0 Convergence at Norseman on 7/31 – bring the whole crew!
  • Continued prayers for Scully, his family, and his father in hospice care.  Blessings for a peaceful return home.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Great week on deck this week.  Don’t miss the following:

  • Benny bringing Family Feud part III to Firehouse tomorrow
  • Wednesday witnessing something that we didn’t believe could occur – Inseam actually getting older!
  • Whiz guest Q at Firehouse
  • 5 Way on Q at Jericho
  • British Open BD and after party at The Storm

Who could think of a better way to spend a week!  Aye!

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