Morphine’s Debut

AO: The Widowmaker

When: 07/10/2021

QIC: Morphine

PAX (12): Morphine, Ha Ha, Dreamer, Reggie, Zohan, Speedo, Pit Stop, Cox, Skippy, TMI, Special K, Feathers


It was my first Q at The Widowmaker!


3 sets, 15 reps each, in cadence

SSH, Imperial Walker, Mountain Climber (with 5 Merkins in cadence at the end of each set)

The Thang:

100-200-300 (burpees-squats-LBC)

3 pax started at each corner of the soccer fields. Max 50 reps of any ONE exercise then run to next corner for the next set.

We met in the middle for a Jack Webb series ( 1 merkin/4 air presses, up to 10/40)

Mosey to the Widowmaker hill for two sets of hill runs (20 Carolina dry docks at the bottom and 10 body builders at the top).


Ha-Ha put out a heads up for an upcoming convergence with FIA and 2.0’s on July 31st at The Norseman for a 7 AM family workout.

Pit-Stop reminded us of the new Raptor AO among the many beatdown options we have at F3 Alpha

Pit-Stop shared some personal news of getting through a time of real hardship and finally having found some resolution.

With Pit-Stop in mind, Reggie (from Hot Tin Roof F3ATL) took us out with a short but meaningful prayer. In his great words, “we are 2nd”. Everyone comes before us.

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