F3Gwinnett Crosses over PIB on a Saturday Afternoon

AO: Caney Creek

When: 07/10/2021

QIC: Homer

PAX (14): Birdie, Val, Feathers, Smoked, theCheese, Nacho Libre, Pitstop, Chevy, Slow Pitch, Woodpecker, Love Shack, Sensei, Crab Cake, Homner


Before there was an F3Gwinnett Region (because I want to make it crystal clear to the men of the Yard who still claim F3Gwinnett was alive and well before we formally spun off into a region from Alpha) Val of The Hall of Justice stepped up to the plate and decided to sign up for a Saturday afternoon beatdown and dinner at NLB. For what it is worth… YHC also agreed to sign up for a Saturday for the Bridge and Meathouse (and Hooch) PAX.

As July got closer and closer, we shared the load and made a plan.


We met by the basketball court and had a great crew. Looking forward to meeting these guys and definitely knew we were going to go to to work. Mosey up the hill to the F3 Flag and circle up for Side Straddle Hop, Imperial Walker and Weed Picker. Grab 2 cinder blocks that had been readied for that THANG and mosey’d across Pine Grove Road to Parking Lot.

The Thang:

We left the blocks at one end of the parking lot and continued to end of the lot. Partner Up for a traditional Dora.

Thang 1
100 Merkins, 200 LBCs and 300 Squats. Partner A runs to the end of the lot and back. Switch out. Cumulative count on the exercises. Plank for the six. Everyone loved the squats.

Thang 2
On Your Own 4 Corners Adventure.

The parking lot has more than just one row for cars, there are 3 and it makes a great place for some 4 corners. Three Rounds of exercises with basic running to travel between corners.

First round was  20 Flutter Kicks (Alpha Count) Second Round was Freddy Mercury (Alpha Count) and round 3 was 20 LBCs at each corner. Held for the 6 after each round.

Thang 3
We grabbed the cinders and placed them about halfway down one of the parking lot rows. We divided up into two teams and each team sat shoulder to shoulder. This was a race to the end of the parking lot. Pass the Cinder to the Man beside you and get up and move to the end of the line. This is a good one that we recently pulled out at the Newest AO in Gwinnett (the Tracks.) It’s a good one.

Recover and mosey back across the street and left the cinders by the flag, as we went back down the hill to the Basketball Court.

Circle Up for Mary

I think we did some dying cockroach, JLo, Box Cutter, More Freddy Mercury, Protractor (suck), 6 inches (double suck) Full Extension Sit ups, Gas pumpers, Canoe, and Elbow to Knee Cross overs. I’m missing 3 or 4. But we did the work!


COT here takes place after the beatdown and continues on into dinner with the rest of the guys. Getting to know each of them was the best part of the day. It truly brings the 3 Fs together as we definitely got some Fitness, Fellowship and Faith in!

Special prayers for Slow Pitch’s son in a baseball tourney. Prayers for all our families and for the men who are just starting the program and those transitioning out.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Thanks to Pitstop for putting together a very detailed document on what is needed to lead this AO.

Thanks to smoked for putting together the ‘meat’ of dinner, and Sensei blew us all away with his sharing his talents during dinner. More on that later.

What an amazing legacy that F3 has in Atlanta. This opportunity to lead and serve today really will push us to find some orgs we can come along side in our communities.

While you’re here reading the backblast, come join us on our side of 141… Look up F3Gwinnett.com and start headlocking yo’ friends in our part of the city.

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