VQ with a Tour De Burpee

AO: The Rubicon

When: 07/08/2021

QIC: Caffey

PAX (19): MillerTime, Devito, Trebek, Stroller, Outhouse, Sleepless, Spud, Focker, Pinkey, FannyPack, Groundhog, Lil Hurt, Special K, Lefty, Turbine, Hollywood, Heidi, Red Ryder, Caffey


Right around 2 months after starting F3, I figured it was about time to put in my VQ. Plus, my birthday is this weekend so we killed two birds with one stone knocking out the VQ and BDayQ at the same time. 18 other PAX decided to show up and place bets on how the VQ would be handled, but what they didn’t know was that it was going to become a tour de burpee for the BDayQ.


Moseyed to the flag to get loose with some SSH’s, Imperial Walkers, Weedpickers, Arm Circles (forward and backwards), and COVIDs.

The Thang:

Thang 1

After the warm-up, we moseyed over to the Field of Dreams for a set of four corners. After realizing we had a really large group, and with the help of MillerTime, we split up into two groups with group 1 heading the correct way around the bases (first base first) and group two moving backwards around the bases (third base first). Wait… who’s on First?

The first round of four corners started with a bear crawl to first (or third) base, and 35 Merkins (for my 35th birthday) at the base. Then we did crawl bear to second base, and 35 Freddie Mercury’s at second base (alpha count). Back to bear crawling to third (or first) base, and 35 wide Merkins at the base. Finally, crawl bear to home plate and ending with 35 J-Lo’s at home (alpha count). The speedy guys ran a lap, and we planked for the 6.

The second round of four corners started with broad jumps to first (or third) base, and 35 Diamond Merkins. Then 19 grown men bunny hopped to second  base, and did 35 American Hammers (alpha count) at the base. We went on to crab walk to third (or first) base, and started the tour de Burpee with 35 burpees. After finishing the Burpees, it was a sprint to home plate and then Alligator Merkins (like an alligator walks, alternating stepping hands forward, but with Merkins) to the gate. Finally, we used the bleachers and benches for Step-Ups until the 6th was in.

Thang 2

After completing out two rounds of four corners, we partnered up and grabbed a medium size coupon from the rock pile (each group of 2 had one coupon) and headed to the parking lot behind the pool with islands. Partner one was completing the exercise with the coupon (a minimum of 35 reps) while partner two ran to the first island and did 10 Burpees. They then switched places and repeated. The exercises are below.

  1. Partner 1 does Curls with the coupon (at least 35), while Partner 2 runs to the first island and does 10 Burpees. They switch with Partner 2 doing the Curls and Partner 1 doing 10 Burpees at the first island.
  2. Partner 1 does Bench Press with the coupon (at least 35), while Partner 2 runs to the second island and does 10 Burpees. Switch and repeat.
  3. Partner 1 does Shoulder Press with the coupon (at least 35), while Partner 2 runs to the third island and does 10 Burpees. Switch and repeat.
  4. Partner 1 does Skull Crushers with the coupon (at least 35), while Partner 2 runs to the fourth island and does 10 Burpees. Switch and repeat.
  5. Partner 1 does Front Raises with the coupon (at least 35), while Partner 2 runs to the fifth island and does 10 Burpees. Switch and repeat.

At the end of this, we were right at time and wrapped up the morning.


No prayer requests, but a couple requests for sign ups on the Q sheet with FannyPack and Pinkey stepping up to the plate to take spots next week. Also, thank you to Devito for the kind comment about the Q.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Well, I made it through my VQ and I felt like it went OK. I switched a few things up mid-workout, after realizing timing, but I think it was a good learning experience.

I brought TNT today, where the focus was on our (and especially my) inherent selfishness.¬† I wear a bracelet with John 3:30 on it to remind me that: “He must become greater; I must become less.” One of the biggest impacts for me thus far since joining F3 are the acts of selflessness. Examples such as Stroller, Lumbergh, and Hot Sauce holding back and running with me when I didn’t realize my first run with the group was over 6 miles and essentially hills the entire time, and a group of 8 HIM going back and bear crawling 75 yards with Goat – who was doing the 1776 BD in a vest – when they didn’t have to. These acts of selflessness have truly impacted me, and I challenge each PAX to take this selfless mentality and let it flow into our other relationships (e.g., with spouses, children, co-workers, neighbors, etc.).

What a great experience thus far, and I’m appreciative of all who have pushed me along the way. A pleasure to lead my VQ with this group of HIM. Also, I know you’re thinking it … yes, this is a long BB, but remember I’m a lawyer and we are paid by the word. Bill to follow.

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