Strength Training

AO: Firehouse

When: 07/08/2021

QIC: Ace Ventura

PAX (9): Ace Ventura Script Kiddie Dunshire Suarez Crumpet Tadpole Napalm Snowden Baskins


Ace Ventura, Script Kiddie, and Suarez arrived for the pre-run at 5 AM.  A brisk 20 minute run was completed (with rests every so often as they are working on improving their running skills).  After completion of run, setup began for the beatdown.


Mosey to the normal spot.

Side-straddle hops (10)

Windmills (8)

Willie Mays Hayes (8)

Sun-gods (self counted)

The Thang:

6 stations were laid out, with a list on each station.  PAX would do the first exercise on the list, for 60 seconds, then rotate to the next station.  Once a full rotation was completed, there would be a 60 second rest and then would move on to the second exercise on the list for each station (until the list was completed).  Stations were as follows:

Station 1, Upper Body:


Bicep Curls

Carolina Dry Docks

Tricep Extensions

Station 2, Legs



Copperhead squats

Reverse Lunges

Station 3, abs:

WW2 situps


American Hammers


Station 4, jump rope (all 4 rotations)

Station 5, movement:

Side-straddle hops

Bear Crawls


Frog Jumps

Station 6, agility ladders:

Two-foot runs

Two-foot hops (in and out)

Icky Shuffle

Side-straddle hops

Time was left after completion, so sprints were in order. PAX would sprint to half-field, then walk in recovery to the other side of field and then sprint back to half-field.  3 full fields were completed before time expired.


Six man fell to Napalm.  He talked about his family and his short F3 experience so far.

MOC was given by Baskins.  He shared about having daily “wins and loses”, but if you start your day with a “win” (exercising being the best method here), you set yourself up for much larger wins throughout the day.

Prayers were given to Skynard, as he is dealing with significant pain in his hip to the point of seeking a consult with a surgeon.  Additional prayers given to a friend of Crumpet, who is dealing with back issues that could be significant and debilitating.  Ace also added in prayers for all sad clowns that they may find what they need to get past the problems in their life.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

PAX gathered for coffee and fellowship afterwards.  Several PAX exercised poor decision making in taking shots of Apple Cider Vinegar, almost all of which regretted the decision immediately.  It was deemed that we should bring copious amounts of water to make this work in the future.

Good fellowship time included discussions about youthful hijinks (may or may not being involved with alcohol consumption), fitness shoes, and other personal discussions.

Also, in good news, two VQs were added to the sheet (Crumpet and Baskins), and there was a significant number of PAX that added names to Q.

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