“JAN” – the bratty middle sister

AO: Raptor

When: 07/08/2021

QIC: No-See-Um

PAX (3): Lumbergh, PitStop, No-See-Um


A little light drizzle and temps just barely in the 70’s #ITG so perfect morning to set that alarm and do the hard thing. Two other pax joined YHC at #Raptor and were ready to go as the clock struck 5:30. That is after PitStop pulled in on two wheels, haha.

Disclaimer was given and go time.


Quick mosey to back parking lot for some warm-up All IC:

SSH, Frankensteins, Windmills (slow & steady), Weed Pickers, Merkins

The Thang:

Most everyone has heard of the FRAN crossfit workout, but this am the men at Raptor would be doing the “JAN” (YHC named it himself around 10:00 pm last night). And we all know Jan was the whiny, bratty middle child on the Brady Bunch so there would obviously be some silly modifications to the normal FRAN WO.

Two workout spots – back playground and parking lot in front of school.


Pull-Ups & Burpees with a run after each exercise.

This got all the pax’s heart racing as YHC could literally feel his about to beat out of his chest. Quick 10 count and then mentioned the exciting Stanley Cup final last night as the TB Lightning won their second straight title. Gotta support the men of F3 Nature Coast and the old home town by rooting them on….and wouldn’t ya know my man Urkel threw up a graphic on Slack showing BACK-TO-BACK champs so that gave YHC an idea. Yep, no reason to plan anymore for this morning’s BD…..let’s just do ol’ Jan again.

We did modify for time purposes and substituted Merkins for the Pull-Ups 🙂 And we’d stick together this round just like the F3 Credo says “Leave no many behind, but leave no man where you found him”!

Once 2nd round completed, moseyed back to front parking lot for 5 MOM with cool down lap mixed in.

LBC, Rosalita, Dolly, Dying Cockroaches, Freddie Mercuries, American Hammers


Prayers for PitStop for what he and M are going through.

Prayers for patience with 2.o’s and work.

Prayers also for Lumbergh’s ankle.

Prayers for YHC’s house situation and that the M’s nerves would be calmed.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Awesome morning to get the day started off right and do the hard thing. Everyone is better for not letting the fartsack keep you down. Thanks for the coffee and watermelon PitStop as well as the fellowship.


Honored to lead this group and thankful for the motivation I gain every time I post!

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