Quarter Pounder

AO: The Galaxy

When: 07/06/2021

QIC: Sparky

PAX (10): Surf-n-turf. Wideright. Marcia. Forest. Soso. Abacus. Fondueguy. Spring break. Sparky. Steamer


disclaimer and warm up  IC 10x: a vagodas, weedpickers, Moroccan night clubs, hillbillies and toy soldiers

mosey to grab a running coupon

The Thang:

Sprint 25 do 25 merkins

Sprint 50 do 50 jump squats

Sprint 75 do 75 Mtn climbers

Sprint 100 do 100 ssh

w/Cheese-carry bricks

Dbl  Qtr Pounder

10 American hammers at every other light

Rinse and repeat


Rebecca having knee surgery today

Marcia’s M is having a 2.o later this month

Peace in Kennesaw and prayers for all those suffering from sickness, illness and addiction

Meatfest V (AKA breastfest) this Sat at 1pm, HC’s????

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