Hour of tires

AO: Halo

When: 07/05/2021

QIC: Wideright

PAX (6): Sparky, Tweaker, Bottle Cap, Drain Hole and Fondue Guy


disclaimer, warmup (IC) 10x a vagdoas, 10 weedpickers, 10X imperial walkers, 15x SSH’s and 10x Moroccan night clubs

mosey to curb, pair up with tires


The Thang:

part one does exercise, cumulative totals and partner 2 runs 2 lines and back, flab jack till total hit and wait for the 6

100x WWII

200x overhead presses

300x squats

400x chin raises

300x slams

200x curls

100x decline merkins

mosey to flag for TIME


rebecca’s knee surgery tomorrow (fondue guys youngest 2.0)

brothers traveling

Drain Hole’s daughter and back getting stronger and healing

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