We are only halfway??

AO: The Widowmaker

When: 07/03/2021

QIC: Dreamer

PAX (13): Scully, Pinky (FNG), Cox, Tricks (or Trix?)(FNG), Morphine, TMI, Write-off, NRA, Funyun, YouTube, Zohan, Speedo, Dreamer


Just a simple sweat to start the Freedom Celebration! QIC gave a detailed welcome with a full disclaimer followed by a short promise of fun. And just to make sure, the QIC reminded the PAX that the 4th of July is to celebrate America’s birthday in case they forgot.


  • Quick Mosey to the field, half a lap
  • SSH
  • Weed Pickers
  • Worlds Greatest Stretch

The Thang:

QIC told the PAX to get a partner (“you will need them later”) before announcing a Burpee Lap!

  • 1 lap of the field
  • PAX will do Burpees in each corner of field
    • 3, then 6, then 9, then 12
  • SSH for the 6

Next, get your partner.

  • 1 partner does Bonnie Blairs (20) & Monkey Humpers (20); partner #2 bear crawl to the 18 and then broad jumps back to the baseline. Flapjack
  • Army Frogs! 1 Partner does a merkin, army crawls under Partner #2’s legs, then leap frogs Partner #2. 5 reps. Flapjack
  • 1 partner Squat Jumps; partner #2 lunge walks to the 18 and back. Flap jack

Enough with this child’s play on the field – time for Hills for Thrills!

  • Mosey to the bottom of the Widowmaker Hill
  • 1 Partner runs up to the top and back; Partner 2 works. Flapjack
    • Round 1 = dips
    • Round 2 = Mt. Climbers
    • Round 3 = 1 partner reverse runs up, 20 bupees at the top. Partner #2 does 20 burpees at the bottom; reverse run to the top
    • Always – SSH for the 6
  • The PAX was so excited after round 1 that it was only 7:30 and we had 30 more minutes of fun!

Now that everyone was warmed up, we did a quick mosey to the ballfield / playgroup area. Time to play 4 corners

  • In 4 groups, at each corner perform several exercises
    • Corner 1 = 30 merkins
    • Corner 2 = 20 dips and 20 step ups
    • Corner 3 = 10 burpees
    • Corner 4 = 5 American Hammers
  • SSH for the 6

Lastly, quick mosey to the field, 1 sprint on the long side (Pinky showed some serious speed) and we finished with 2 minutes of Mary.


Scully – prayers for his father Peter. His health is failing and he is in hospice now. Praying for peace and healing

Zohan – NLB event. See Slack for more info / ways to serve

Tricks (or Trix?) – Event for Camp Kudzu. See Cox or Slack for more info

Naked-Man Moleskin:

What a beautiful way to kick off the holiday weekend. It’s truly a joy to surround myself with such men. We are so blessed to live in a country like America. Let us never forget the sacrifices made for our freedoms. Thank you King Jesus for calling us sons; may we live and lead like you – with humility, grace, and a yearning for your Kingdom.

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