The Olympics in 24 days???? We better get in shape fast!

AO: The Hooch

When: 06/30/2021

QIC: PuffDaddy

PAX (10): Angus, BallBoy, Boomer, McCracken, PuffDaddy, Saint2.O, Scrooge, Sugar, Sonic, Wingnut,


Thought about the upcoming Olympics in 24 days…


Walked our coupons to the front parking lot. Mosey lap around the front buildings.

Warm-up exercises of SSH, Weedpicker, Moroccan night club, LB arm-circles,

The Thang:

Thang 1

Set up a partner workout the “Small 4 corners” marked by cones. in celebration of 24 days until the Olympics start, we did a partner count of (240) for each. One partner did the work and the other ran a lap around the 2nd Island.

1. Incline Merkins on the Coupon

2. Curls

3. KB swings

4. Squats with Coupon

Thang 2

We had about 5 minutes before Mary so we did some extra partner work to hit the shoulders. We did a catch me if you can around the 1st Island and back. 1 partner Farmer’s Carry with both coupons the other did 3 Burpees and ran to switch out. Lap 2 we switched from FC to Cusack and repeated.

Finished with 5 Minutes of Mary.



Prayers for people dealing with sickness with friends and family. Travel prayers for those away and those heading out soon.

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