Practice for July’s 200 Merkins a Day Challenge

AO: The Galaxy

When: 06/29/2021

QIC: Marcia

PAX (10): Wideright Abacus Steamer Drain Hole Forrest Sparky So So Deaf Waco Shneaky Marcia


Great morning of “practice” for Tweaker’s 200 push ups a day July challenge. Supposed to be 25 a day, but we modified as necessary 🙂


Warmed up our shoulders with Moroccan night clubs, shoulder presses, and side straddle hops…oh and some warm up merkins. We then moseyed to the upper playground to start the BD.

The Thang:

Part 1: 230 Merkins!

Started with 2o reps and subtracted a rep every set down to 1. (210 + 20 alpha count bonus merkins)

  • Set 1: 20 at the upper park.
  • Sets 2-5: 19-16 were Derkins at the back stage. To make sure we stayed warm we did 19-16 stage dips in between sets.
  • Sets 6-8: 15-13 kept counting down at the upper parking lot with a set at each line and backwards run to return.
  • Sets 9-11: 12-10 stayed in the upper parking lot and did suicides, counting down as we went further across the lot.
  • Sets 12-15: 9-6 were back at the upper playground, where we alternated between Merkins and jump squats.
  • Sets 16-20: 5-1 good old fashioned burpees while running back and forth in the upper parking lot.

Part 2: 

Folks partnered up and alternated between running the small lower circuit and exercises while waiting on the runner.

  • 2 sets of stair steps
  • 2 sets of LBCs

Returned to the flag for CoT


  • Prayers for a family close to Wideright was involved in a fatal/critical car accident
  • Lots of folks traveling starting end of week and into next. Jorts currently traveling

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