Mixed Tape

AO: The Gladiator

When: 06/29/2021

QIC: Zohan

PAX (12): Brownie, Laces, Scratch-Off, Fire Drill, Dreamer, Vertigo, Def Con 2, Speedo, Shiner, Cheneral, Spandex, Zohan


When Scratch-Off (with a hyphen) joked about what level of math would be expected from my upcoming beatdown, I took it as a personal challenge to provide a no math / low math beatdown.

The format was borrowed from Ha-Ha, who usually brings awesome music and his girlfriends. I’ve got neither, but did my best to make it work.

A Board of Pain was set ready under the small pavilion, next to the playground.


After a short disclaimer, YHC turned the music on with “Part of the Glory”, an Israeli song I like and thought would be a good start. Mosey to the next parking lot. Turned off the music and did some Mountain Climbers, Squats and Imperial Walkers.

We moved to Plank Position for Me Gustan Merkins. Played the song “Me Gustas Tu” and we do one Merkin whenever they say Me Gusta (=I Like). 3rd time I’ve done that routine, each time different location. Always a crowd pleaser. It helps that the song is not commonly known and hence PAX don’t realize just how many Me Gustas are there. 54.

The Thang:

We moseyed a few steps near the pavilion, where the Board of Pain could be seen.

The playlist had 10 songs. Each song match to an exercise. We partnered up. One partner runs down the trail to the fence and back up while the other stays to do the exercise based on the playing song. No need to count. No math involved.

Exercises included: Freddie Mercury, Plank Jacks, Wolverines, Bear Crawl (a short distance and run back), Box Jumps, Dips, Heels to Heaven, Baryshnikov Squats (wide stance, pointing outward and heels raised, so the squats are done on tippy toes), American Hammers and Mucho Chesto.

Some PAX were not men enough to wear a tutu and do the Baryshnikov Squats as described, but that’s ok. Some of those men also modified their Bear Crawls to Hand Walks. Impressive!!

The song list included some very known songs and a few less known, including the song Spain sent to the Eurovision that got zero points even though it’s a really good pop song.

YHC called to stop running during the last song and we moseyed back to the flag in the hope of finishing on time. Almost. No time for Mary but no complains were heard.


Prayers for the people who lost their life in or were severely impacted by the tragedy in Florida. Prayers for healing.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

I’m never sure how much non-american would be appreciated during a beatdown, but the feedback was positive enough and we had a good discussion about the Eurovision song contest, so my next challenge is to plan an international playlist based on the Eurovision. There are really great songs out there, not all in English.

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