AO: The Rubicon

When: 06/29/2021


PAX (12): Trebek, Sleepless, Stiff Arm, Falst Start, Special K, Locksmith, Groundhog, Pinkey, Focker, Caffey, Updike, M.T.


Lefty had a Q need and was happy to oblige.  Even brought an extra flag which always looks cool.


A mosey to the Wills Road Lot for some stuff

The Thang:

Two goals this morning.  Keep it moving fast for 45 minutes and visit a part of the crown jewel of the Alpharetta Parks Department that is never used.

Today it was a back circular lot that is off the beaten path and next to some horse stables.  Around 5 or 6 horses watched in confusion as 12 men did a BLIMP series which involved a circular lap between each escalation of the traditional format.  A few extra laps greeted the early finishers

Mosey to the long top lot along Wills for a 1/4 mile long defensive back follow the leader drill.  QB 1 also known to some as Focker, traditionally being an offensive player trying not to get hit by said defensive backs was likely not a big fan of this drill, but he obliged.  To get back down this lot, each man grabbed a line in plank position and we performed a leap frog exercise involving 5 mercans and sprint to the head of the line.

Next we advanced to the playground for Morning Wood x 2 involving 6 reps and then 5 reps.  We practiced counting out loud so the men in plank position could do mercans in sync with pull ups.

Finally we advanced back to the flag where we could do 6MOM in rotating fashion.  Our recently reactivated pax Locksmith is quickly getting his swagger back going to the mercan well as he so often did in years past.  Fully expect him to take Q soon resulting in chest explosions


Prayers for safe 4th.  Don’t play with fireworks

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Nice to have a smaller group sometimes although it’s all relative.  Some AO’s would see 12 as big.

Honored to lead and happy to issue a timely blackbast.

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