The Bluffs or Lake Windward Dr: What’s your favorite mile?

AO: Windjammer

When: 06/25/2021

QIC: False Start

PAX (6): No-See-Um, Cookie, Uga, Milli Vanilli, Brutus, False Start


2 for the pre-ruck


Ran to the dam for warm-o-rama:

  • SSH
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Mountain Man Poopers
  • Grass grabbers (weed pickers but clap behind the back on the count)

Mosey back to the entrance of The Bluffs.

The Thang:

Now we haven’t done a Burpee / Merkin / Whatever Mile in The Bluffs yet, so I figure enough of rucking this loop, let’s run it!

  • 5 Burpees at the first intersection
  • 10 Squats at the next intersection
  • Continue alternating until we get back to the entrance

With that out of the way we moseyed back to the parking lot.  I was in a gambling mood, so we did the following:

  • Broke into 2 groups of 3
  • Each team wagers an exercise & rep count
  • 1 representative from each team plays best 2 out of 3 Rock, Paper, Scissors
  • Winning team completes half of their reps & runs a lap
  • Losing team completes both wagers and stays put

I can’t remember all the wagers, but it was things like boxcutters, flutter kicks, star jumps, LBCs, Bobby Hurrley, etc. Let’s just say that one of the teams wasn’t that good at RPS, but I won’t name names *cough* No-See-Um, Uga, Brutus *cough*

We had time so we picked up one of the nice rounded Windjammer coupons and completed the following:

  • 25 Curls
  • 25 Bentover rows
  • 25 Pullovers
  • Run a lap

We completed that 4 times and then moseyed back to the flag

With 1 minute left we completed some gas pumpers and called it for the day (we had to go fishing after all!).


Prayers for safe travel for Cookie & No-See-Um.

No-See-Um dropped a bomb (rock) on us with his ‘lands like a pencil, lands like a rock’ discussion.  Thanks for the reminder to watch what you say, it can mean completely different things to different people.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Vacation time is in full swing, but we still have a good core group of HIM at this AO.  It’s great to see everybody push each other, those hills in The Bluffs are not cool.  The coffeeteria and fishteria don’t hurt either.  We had two whoppers break the line of both poles this week so YHC had to scramble to string one up on the lake.  We didn’t land any fish on the boat on this day, so that puts us 3/4 for the month of June.  Not too shabby.  Enjoyed the camaraderie nonetheless.

Until next time!

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