Blue Light Special – 4 Round EMOM Full Body Beatdown

AO: Bad Apple

When: 06/25/2021

QIC: Zima

PAX (5): Sprocket, The REAL Woody, Goat, Ollie, Zima


Today’s playlist courtesy of Chris Stapleton.

Coupons used: Kettlebell



10 Windmill

10 Copperhead Squat

10 MTN Climbers

10 Weedpickers

Mosey to field adjacent to sit-up station. All PAX assume SSH during start of song and when the lyrics “smoke them stems” is played, all PAX do a burpee. Rinse and repeat until song is over. (midway through song, switch to high knees instead of SSH)

The Thang:

EMOM – Every Min on the minute, pax ran through the following exercises per round, completing each exercise 2x/round. Total time per round 6 mins. When each round was finished pax ran to end of field and back before starting next round. Coupon used was Kettlebell.

Round 1: Skull Crushers, Curls (in squat position) Overhead press

Round 2: Alternating Lunges, 1 leg alternating dead lift, goblet squat

Round 3: 1 Arm Alternating Rows, Thrusters, KB Swing

Round 4: American Hammer, Flutter kick, V-ups (all with KB)


Prayers to those affected by the building collapse in Miami.

Prayers to those suffering from injury or illness.

Prayers for those who are traveling. We pray for safe returns.

Tentative date for Charlotte rafting trip July 31st weekend.

**Stay tuned for possible change in flag location at BadApple**

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