Bear’muda + The Bronson

AO: The Wreck

When: 06/25/2021

QIC: Raider

PAX (10): @aflac @Squeegee @Swamp Donkey @Matt Shields-Norm @Donor @Choo Choo @Sell-out @Tubbs @Raider @Corky


It had been a while for this YHC to lead a Wreck Q, so wanted to do something unique.  Browsed the Exicon for some ideas for this BD.


Mosey to north parking lot by lacrosse field

SSH x 10

Hillbilly + Squat combo (a la Grease Monkey) x 10

Mountain Climbers x 10

Forward / Reverse Arm Circles x 10

The Thang:

Thang #1

Mosey to lacrosse field to view setup of our version of a Bearmuda Triangle

3 buckets setup with lights in shape of a triangle 30 yards apart.

PAX bear-crawled between each bucket.  At each bucket performed the specified exercise.  2 cycles around the triangle.

25 Stone Mountains

25 Big Boys

25 Jump Squats

Thang #2

Charles Bronson – Ode to the late action hero from the F3 Exicon.

Mosey to the football field.

Two lines of glow sticks setup at the end of the field – one line at the 90 one second on the goal line.  PAX started at the opposite goal line.  Board listed several exercises worthy of the great Charles Bronson.  PAX performed 50 reps of one exercise, then sprinted to the first line of glow sticks, then dropped and army-crawled to the goal line, then easy mosey back to the starting goal line.  Rinse and repeat through each exercise.

Some mumble chatter about carpet burns from the army crawl led the Q to offer crab walks as an alternative.

Board list of exercises:

SSH x50

Merkins x50

LBCs x50

Romanian Deadlift x50

Monkey Humpers x50

Burpees x50

Flutter kicks x50


Mosey back to the flag for quick Mary.

New FNG @Corky was named and welcomed to the Wreck.

Announcement for the annual Crabtree BD on July 3.

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