Wingnuts Highway to Hell

AO: The Hooch

When: 06/23/2021

QIC: Wingnut

PAX (13): Puffdaddy, Ready-Mix, Sugar, Meatball, Sonic, McCracken, Feathers, Maguire, Sunshine, Boomer, Ball Boy, Animal, Wingnut


Wanted to change it up this week at the Hooch so I picked a route that we haven’t taken in 2021. That route was soon to be altered…keep reading.


Mosey South on 141 towards Perimeter, stop at the bank for some SSH, LBAC, BAC, Weedpickers, Windmills, Calf Stretch and Hamstring Stretch.

Mosey South towards Perimeter, veer into the lush green grass of the Perimter property.

The lush green grass was a bit spongey at first from the amount of rain we recently received. As we continued and the shine of the parking lot lights diminished, we could barely make out that a zone of the irrigation system was on. YHC figured that part of our warm up could be dodging getting hit by a stream of water as we made it to where we would be doing station 1 of the BD. Well, the lush grass turned into quick sand and nearly sucked our shoes off. We persevered and made our way out and to station 1 of the BD only to find that the copious amounts of grass sustenance had made quite a mess of what would be an out and back area. In an effort to not continue making the mess worse, YHC called an audible and we moseyed towards the church.

The Thang:


25 dips

25 lunges

25 incline merkins

25 lbc

circle the small pond next to the church

YHC heard some chuckling after pressing starting the music for the PAX only to realize Highway to Hell was blaring. Quick skip forward in the playlist and we were good.

Quick walking 10 count

Partner up

10 rounds

A – squats

B – run up the sidewalk to crest the hill, 2 burpees

We called it at 4 so we could get back to the flag

Mosey back to the flag, once we broke the perimeter of our asphalt oasis, YHC told the PAX they were on their own to get back to the flag. YHC sprinted and everyone followed.

Circled up for jump rope minus the rope and duck duck goose. Everyone jumps, one PAX runs the circle, steps back in their spot, the next Pax runs, rinse and repeat.


Prayers for Maguires friends, the Thorne family as they just lost a loved one.


Naked-Man Moleskin:

Great truth nugget, Boomer.

Keep hammering,  gents!

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