Today’s Forecast…

AO: The Galaxy

When: 06/22/2021

QIC: Jorts

PAX (9): Wideright, Sparky, Steamer, Drainhole, Shneaky, Surf'n'turf, Fondue Guy, Marcia


5 pax embarked on a 2.5 mile pre-ruck that in a nice light drizzle with lots of discussion as to whether or not the red bands we saw on the radar would reach us or not…

Upon returning to the flag, Shneaky pulled in and let us know that he checked the weather and there was less than a 5% chance of rain (lesson: don’t trust a GT grad with technology).


Lightning flashed in the sky and the monsoon began, signaling it was time to begin.

All in cadence
SSH x 10
Don Quixote x 10
Seal Claps x 10
walk up the hill to the road
lunge over the bridge across Sewell mill creek
mosey up to the light at Roswell road and Providence
squats until the light changes

The Thang:

Mosey over to the bottom of Providence hill for a Jacob’s ladder
7 burpees at the top (working down by 1 on each trip)
1 squat at the bottom (working up by 1 on each trip)
if any pax lap others, then the pax who are ahead reset to the number the slower pax are on

Mosey back towards East Cobb Park
stop to lunge across the bridge again

Mosey to the upper playground for the rubberized ground
alternating ab exercise and merkins, all in cadence for 10 reps
approximately 12 sets, but who’s county anyway

the rain started to let up so that must mean the BD is close to over
mosey back to the flag
5 merkins in cadence
stretch for time


Despite the tough BD, the mumble chatter was awfully quiet on account of the refreshing rain.

Shneaky admitted that he’d checked the weather for Wednesday and not Tuesday, which the pax ruthlessly reminded him of throughout.

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