Celebrating Stupid Guy Thing Day – June 22

AO: Firehouse

When: 06/22/2021

QIC: Buckeye

PAX (11): Script Kiddie Suarez Lightweight Lifelock Napalm Baskin Pebble Zuckerberg Ace Ventura Dunshire Buckeye


Today’s holiday is Stupid Guy Thing Day, which is designated on June 22, but can really be celebrated any day by guys around the world.

11 PAX beat the fartsack to come on a rainy morning for a celebration of stupid things guys do!


The rain held off for just a few minutes while we moseyed to the spot for a quick warm up.

SSH – 15

Weed Pickers – 15

Sun Gods – 15

Reverse Sun Gods – 15

The Thang:

Mosey to the pavilion for a run down of some stupid guy things that were turned into exercises. Activities included:

  • Rock climbing with no rope – pullups from under the table
  • Lift the toilet seat up and leave it up – curls with weight bag
  • Sit down in a glacier fed stream – bench dips
  • Starting a chainsaw with no protective gear – bent over rows with weight bag
  • Jump rope – This may just be stupid by itself
  • Shoot the rapids in a kayak with no life jacket – paddle with weight bar
  • Eat potato chips while laying on the couch – big boy sit ups
  • Hanging sheetrock above your head by yourself – shoulder press with weight bag
  • Hiking Stone Mountain in the middle of the afternoon – step ups on the bench with weight bag
  • Plank jacks – This may just be stupid by itself
  • Burpees – This may just be stupid by itself

Each pax rotated through the 11 exercises with 45 seconds of work and 15 second break in between.

After round 1, we celebrated the stupid guy thing of wanting to be like Batman, so we did the bat wing exercise (20 fw arm circles, 20 reverse arm circles, 20 seal claps, 20 overhead claps).

Round 2 again with the stations – this time with more groaning

After round 2, we did a ring of fire where everyone held an air chair while one person did 10 squats, until everyone had the chance to do 10 squats.

Then since the song didn’t come on during the main exercise, Thunderstruck was played and everyone got in position. Holding a plank until we heard the word “thunder” where we would then do a merkin each time. There seemed to be more “thunders” in the song this time than I remember. And I couldn’t tell if people were singing along or if it was more of a groan each time they heard “thunder”, but we made it through!

Only time for 1 round of Mary, and it ended with leg raises.


Name o rama with an intro from Napalm who joined F3 just yesterday and was back for more on the 2nd day – Thanks to Buckeye’s feeble memory, he couldn’t remember the nickname and asked about how Napalm got his last name. We got an interesting story, but didn’t find out where the nickname came from until later.

Prayers for Trojan and his wife as well as any others that are in need.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

It was good to be back with the guys after being absent for a while. Thanks to everyone for humoring me with my workouts. Thanks for the fellowship!

Don’t do anything too stupid today!

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