Longest Day Ever

AO: The Grindstone

When: 06/21/2021

QIC: Crab Cake

PAX (10): Deuce, Milli Vanilii, Goldberg, Benny, Schneider, Snowman, Sculley, Inseam, Swiper, Crab Cake


June 21 – summer solstice – the longest day of the year.  Plus, veterans Inseam and Swiper returning after some much needed R&R were mumble chattering all day about how much they needed a brutal beatdown.  YHC had to cook something up.


Mosey to the large parking lot for the normal Warm o Rama.

10 IC (Side Straddle Hops, Willie Mays Hayes, Michael Phelps, Weed Pickers)

On the way back to the main field, PAX were instructed to drop a burpee at each of the 6 American flags and with each burpee to also give a quick thought of thanks or prayer for our great nation.  It was silent but powerful.

The Thang:

Pre Thang

Merkin Suicide Ladder – Side shuffle down field 20 yards, side shuffle in the opposite direction 10 yards.   This progresses us to each 10 yard marker, where PAX performed merkins at 1/2 the count of the yard marker.  Say What?  At the 10 yard line – 5 merkins, 20 yl – 10 merks, etc.   And since its the longest day of the year, YHC want the 50 yard line to feel like the longest exercise of the BD.   In addition to 25 merkins, we threw in 5 Wolverines for good measure.

Moseyed to the playground for more fun

Main Thang

Dora 1 – 100 count – Partner 1 performed pull ups while Partner 2 moseyed then bear-crawled at the assigned location

Dora 2 – 200 count – Partner 1 performed step-ups on the picnic table while Partner 2 ran hill sprints

Dora 3 – 300 count – Partner 1 performed Big Boy Situps while Partner 2 ran the Baseball field pathway

Did we get to 300 in time?  Almost.  06:14 – Sprint to the flag.  PAX have a lot let on their plate for the longest day ever.


  1. Prayers for Sculley’s father’s health
  2. Prayers for Scheider
  3. Thanks for Milli Vanilli’s return to the Grindstone
  4. Praise for Snowman’s 1 year anniversary – Everyone show up next week at the Grindstone to celebrate!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Gratefulness.  For the country we live in.  For the families surrounding us.  For the bodies we have to perform hard things.  For the resulting health benefits.  For the brother’s that link arms with us.

YHC heads back on the road for his first trip since COVID.  Gonna miss the beat downs and the fellowship.  Thanks for the honor of Qing this AM.

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