The Bert at the Widowmaker

AO: The Widowmaker

When: 06/19/2021

QIC: Stroller (@f3_stroller)

PAX (14): Dreamer, Boomer, Tater Tot, TMI, Morphine, Speedo, Dinghy, Ha-ha, Zohan, FNG (Write Off), First Rule, Funyun, Cox, Stroller


Zohan pre-blasted that my Q would be painful, and YHC followed up with a Mr. T graphic. Didn’t seem to go over great, as there was not much chatter and Speedo was the only other HC. Could have just been the 3 of us, but as YHC returned from the pre-run, Dreamer, Dinghy, Boomer, and Tater Tot were already there. The crowd accumulated steadily, including Morphine for his first Alpha post. But where were the ruckers?

At 0659 they came running in as YHC began the disclaimer. Being informed that an FNG was in the crowd, I stumbled my way through the mission of F3 and tried to explain that it was peer-led. The important stuff got communicated, maybe, and then we took off.


Ran a half-loop around the parking lot and circled up:

  • SSH x 19 or 20 (got interrupted by a car, yet again)
  • After we backed to the edge, YHC noticed the parking blocks and called for Rocky Balboa x 15
  • Imperial Walker x 15

Mosey down the steps and onto the field

The Thang:

YHC has had the Bert WOD on his radar for a long time. Today would be the day to finally experience it. To balance out the workout, the total reps (on the picture) were divided into 10 rounds with 200m run at the start of each round. After 10 rounds, run 400m to meet the total distance goal. 

This was a bruiser, particularly as the sun came up. Boomer and Tater Tot dominated, with Morphine and Dinghy close behind. About 50 minutes in, pulled the six to where the gazelles had assembled in the shade. After a round of the Protractor, we had enough time for a set of ab suicides- 10 BBSUs, 20 Am Hammers, 30 Gas Pumpers, 40 LBCs. One minute plank, then we ran to pick up Funyun at the center circle. Fin


We named Write Off- great to have another CPA in the group (a Bulldog too!)

Dreamer- client’s grandson passed away in a car accident

Zohan- praise for wife’s acceleration in FIA

A couple minutes after we wrapped, YHC was fading fast. Needed some water to pep me back up. Make sure to watch your hydration!

12 hit Bagel Boys for some much-needed refreshment

Naked-Man Moleskin:

This group took on the challenge today with great enthusiasm. When the guy next to you is pushing through it, it gives you the inspiration you need to keep going. Doing hard stuff makes us better, so thanks for your commitment.

Heading into the first Father’s Day since my dad passed, I’m thankful for how this group has supported me. Getting out in the gloom with you all gets me in the right frame of mind each day. Thankful for another great morning of fitness, fellowship, and faith

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