Will there be blood?

AO: The Rubicon

When: 06/17/2021

QIC: No-See-Um

PAX (11): Cookie, False Start, Fanny Pack, Hasselhoff, Pinkey, Special K, Top Hat, Caffey, McAfee, No-See-Um (Lumbergh)


Another cool early summer morning here in F3 Alpha as sorta felt like the start of fall as opposed to mid-June. 10 pax gathered and some early chatter about there possibly being blood from YHC’s slack message.  No blood but lots of hard work and sweat were expected during the gloom beatdown.


YHC spent 4 hours the night before watching the Braves live and in person give up another lead in the late innings to the Sox.  Hence why today’s beatdown would mainly revolve around the diamond.


Five Core Principles were shared by the pax and the guys nailed it.

  • Free
  • Open to All Men
  • Held outdoors Rain/Shine, Heat/Cold
  • Led in rotating fashion by peers with no certification necessary
  • Ends with COT

SSH, Imperial Walkers, Frankensteins, Windmills (nice and slow), Arm Circles and Michael Phelps.

While finishing the warm-up YHC asked for someone to recite the F3 Credo and Top Hat was right on the money.  May we always remember at beatdowns and beyond….

“Leave no man behind, but leave no man where you find him” 

The Thang:

YHC started this am with Shoulder Tap Suicides in parking lot using each island – 5/10/15/20/25
Next up, mosey to the Field of Dreams. YHC split up the pax into two groups.
Team competition going in opposite directions around the bases as pax did two rounds of the following:
Sprint/Bear Crawl 10 Burpees (2nd base)…Sprint/Bear Crawl 10 Burpees (home)
*Losing team did 10 Monkey Humpers.
Rinse & Repeat but  with Sprint/Crab Walk and Bonnie Blairs instead of Burpees.
*Losing team (self imposed by YHC) – 10 Monkey Humpers.
Single file now and two laps around field doing Scout Run.
7’s on the Hill = Flutters & American Hammers w/ 5 Irkins/Dirkins halfway up/down the hill.  Here’s where our videographer/coffee mug man Lumbergh showed up to get some good videos and pics.
One pax or two complaining about not being able to count this much this early in the morning 🙂
Only few minutes left so headed to find a wall where all did Wall Sits while each pax ran out about 30 yards to do 10 Monkey Humpers.  Halfway through McAfee teaching the men of F3 Alpha that MH’s should always be done w/ 4 count (IC style)……therefore these Wall Sits took a lot longer than YHC had anticipated.
Also funny to see the footage from Lumbergh on the “hands up” part of the wall sits 🙂
Back to the flag with one minute to spare that gave the pax just enough time for a set of Nolan Ryan’s ….. and no Cookie, you can’t be Robin Ventura in this exercise!


  • Congrats to Top Hat’s niece on here recent engagement.
  • Prayers for Hasselhoff and his soon to be move out to Texas.
  • Praise for YHC’s leak in bathroom not being too serious and also prayers needed for Vanellope’s family down in F3 Nature Coast on the passing of his father in law.
  • Big props and prayers for all those taking part in Unleashed on Saturday!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Awesome morning with F3 brothers and always a pleasure to lead the #HIM around the Rubicon for a beatdown.  McAfee had never seen some parts of this AO so YHC obliged and gave a mini tour of some of the amenities 🙂


Wonderful TNT this morning as we heard some enlightening words from Hoff and what F3 means to him as he prepares for his move in a few weeks. Several pax followed up with words of encouragement and thanks to Hoff for what he’s done for F3 Alpha in such a short amount of time. Love the positive attitude and approach you always bring brother and the men of Alpha will always welcome you back with open arms.



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