Not Letting The Academy Have All The Fun

AO: Raptor

When: 06/17/2021

QIC: Pass Interference

PAX (3): PitStop, Waffles, Pass Interference


Not expecting a large crowd, I decided to wing it.


We did


Copperhead Squats

Imperial Walkers

Until I decided not to… (was that 12? 15? who knows)

The Thang:

First, we planked up for Jaded Hearts Club’s version of “Nobody But Me” and did a Merkin for each “Nobody.”

Next, around the school for a couple of rounds of 5 pullups each while the others did air squats–one round at each playground.

Then, went to the bleachers–can’t let Academy have all the fun.  We did:

  • merkin mountain
  • three sprints up the stairs
  • and a Dora with Merkins, big Boys and Squats, with increasing distances around the track.

Time was approaching so we ran back to the flag with time for a couple of Mary moves.



I should really write myself notes on these.  Prayers were said to the SkyQ.

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Always grateful to lead.

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