Beautiful Day in the Bushwood

AO: Bushwood

When: 06/18/2021

QIC: Saint2O

PAX (14): Dinghy, Jocko (FNG), Ballboy, Waterboy, Readymix, Flo, Zohan, Sea Monkey, Angus, Julius, Popper, Maguire, Laces Out (FNG), Saint2O


Back for another glorious edition of Bushwood this morning, YHC wasn’t expecting very many PAX, but was pleasantly surprised with a nice large group.

2 for the Pre Run, then we all gathered up to start the fun.

YHC gave the disclaimer, then told the PAX there would be some running and other stuff before we hopped in the pool.


First a mosey up the hill (but not all the way to the top), and then back down for some warm up:

SSH, WP, WM, Arm Circles

The Thang:

Thang 1:

Organize for 4 corners in the parking lot, with 25 of the following in the corners, lunge walk in between:

Feddie Mercury, Peter Parkers, Mountain Climbers, LBCs

Rinse and repeat, but switch the Mountain Climbers with Squats

Rinse and repeat, but switch the Peter Parkers with Plank Jacks

(Kept the Freddie Mercurys in there so we’d have a little reverse triathlon action: run, bike, swim)

Done with part 1, now grab your swimmies and head to the pool!

Thang 2:

Head to the pool, and YHC could tell everyone was ready to jump in so here’s the deal:

Start at one end of the pool, Burpees and Merkins, then swim a lap and do one less: 7-6-5-4-3-2-1 for 6 laps

Next, get in the water and line up along the wall (shorties closer to the shallow end). First up Tricep Dips: pull yourself up on the wall and then lower back down without touching the ground, set of 10.

Then run through the water for 5 long steps and then back to the wall.

Next, Up and Outs with an overhead clap then get back in, set of 10, with the water run.

Next, with your back and arms on the wall, lift your legs straight up the surface, open your legs to a V, then back together and back down, set of ten, then a water run.

Next, the PAX got to request their favorite, so we did 10 more of the Tricep Dips with a water run.

Waterboy wanted some Up and Outs, so we did 5 more of those, with a water run.

Then head over to the deep end and start treading water. Get in a circle and start treading with your hands out of the water, go around the circle with each PAX dropping to the bottom and then kicking back up to the surface. Fun!

Quick time check – 2 minutes! Ok, 4 quick laps until time runs out.

Great work!


We had a total of four 2.0’s today, which was awesome, I love seeing them get out and work hard. Two of them were FNG’s, welcome Laces Out and Jocko!

Prayers for Maguire’s friend in SA with COVID. Prayers for those traveling soon.

Announcement about Fallen Five event (check with Zohan).

Naked-Man Moleskin:

Proud to lead today, what a great group! So fun to be out at Bushwood, to mix things up with some pool time, it really is a different kind of exercise, and pushes us all!

Thanks for all the support, can’t wait for the next one!

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