Who knew Guest Q’ing could be fun

AO: The Rubicon

When: 06/15/2021

QIC: Delicious

PAX (14): E-Tool, Trebek, Special K, Fanny Pack, CartPath, Locksmith, Short Circuit, False Start, Dosido, Sprocket, Turban, Kaffee, Groundhog


After taking a site survey just a couple days prior, YHC arrived early to put together his final plan for the morning beatdown at Wills Park.  Getting a final look at the area, it appeared things would fall into place in a great way!


Start time 05:30 – Took a little mosey lap around the parking lot, and then back at the starting point:

  • 20 SSH
  • 15 Weedpickers
  • 15 Windmills

The Thang:

After the warmup, headed around to the pavilion to start the real beatdown:

  1. Grab a bench, and proceed to do the following:
    1. 30 Stepups, followed by a short lap to the parking lot and back
    2. 25 Stepups, 5 Squats, and another short lap
    3. 20 stepups, 10 Squats, again followed by a lap
    4. … through 30 Squats, with one final lap around, then plank for the six
  2. Mosey to the softball field, for Mucho Chesto around the bases
    1. At home Plate, 10 Merkins
    2. Bear Crawl to First Base, for 10 Staggered Merkins
    3. Crab Walk to Second Base, for 10 Wide Grip Merkins
    4. Reverse Crab to Third Base, for 10 more Staggered Merkins with the opposite arm forward
    5. Crawl Bear to Home Plate, do 10 Diamond Merkins, then Air-Chair for the six
  3. Take an Indian run inside the perimeter of the field, then
  4. Rinse and Repeat #2, with no changes to the exercises, but the following for the movement:
    1. Lunge Walk to First
    2. Broad Jump to Second
    3. Bunny Hop to Third
    4. Lunge Walk to Home
  5. Mosey back to the edge of the parking lot, for some 11s:
    1. Flutter Kicks and Leg Raises (10 – 1)
    2. Mosey to where the flag is
    3. Big Boy Sit-ups (1 – 10)
  6. Finish at the Flag with Mary
    1. Little Baby Flutters
    2. Box Cutters
    3. Freddie Mercury’s
    4. American Hammer


Well-wishes for Birthdays

Naked-Man Moleskin:

It was an honor to lead at a different AO.  I strongly encourage each of you, as well as others who may read this, to not only participate in different AOs but take up the mantle and run a few away from home.  I will definitely return here to participate, and may even lead some more in the future!

Until then, SYITG

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