Beatdown on the Run

AO: The Galaxy

When: 06/15/2021

QIC: Jorts

PAX (10): Tweaker, Steamer, Sparky, Shneaky, Spring Break, Bottlecap, Fondue Guy, Drainhole, FNG -> Abacus


4 pax for a 2 mile pre-ruck (Jorts, Steamer, Tweaker, Sparky)

YHC gave Shneaky the choice of option A or option B for the beatdown, he asked which had merkins, YHC said you choose option A or option B, he chose option A which was a beatdown on the run. For the record option B was a return to the Providence Hill for a Jacob’s ladder…


All in cadence x 12
Don Quixote
Moroccan night clubs

walk up to the sidewalk for some walking warmup
walking Toy soldiers
walking lunges

The Thang:

Began to mosey along Roswell road. Every couple hundred yards we stopped for a 10 count exercise in cadence rotating between merkins, squats, lunges, Stone Mountain push-ups, squat jumps and groiners.

Continued to mosey around Robinson road and down to the back entrance to Fullers park (~2 miles).

In the style of a smart pack of animals, YHC pushed the slower pax to be out front and set the pace. This was met with a lot of mumble chatter about YHC being an a-hole and other choice words, but my motive was just to keep the group together.

In fullers park we found the stadium steps, ran down and jumped up, snaking through for 4 cycles.

moseyed over to the trail back to East Cobb Park. On the bridge over Sewell Mill creek we had to avoid the Orange Theory spies, so some “he sees me, I’m down, I’m up, he sees me…” to get across the bridge

Mosey to benches for some hop overs.

Hard run back to the flag.
2.5 minutes of Mary
2.5 minutes of Stretching

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