Chase the Bunny

AO: Firehouse

When: 06/15/2021

QIC: Dunshire

PAX (10): Ace Ventura, Script Kiddie, Lightweight, Deuce, Baskins, Pebble, Zuckerburg, Dunshire, Life Lock, & Skynard.


I’ll be honest, not sure what happened before I arrived.  Alarm went off and I slept for 30 more minutes.  I basically just arrived right at 5:30 am and we started.


We mozied to the usual spot and did 15 Side Strattle Hops, 10 Weed Pickers, 15 Imperial Walkers, Sun Gods, and Michael Phelps.  After that we mozied to the field on the left for the Thang.

The Thang:

We chased the bunny.  One Pax member is identified as the “bunny” each round and would be chased by the Pax.  The Pax would have to do the same number of reps the bunny completed before the Pax caught up to the bunny.  The bunny would run to 4 different stations then the bunny and exercise changed each round.  We did rounds of Merkins, LBC’s, American Hammers, Star Jumps, Monkey Humpers, and Jay-Los.

We finished the last 5 minutes with a round of Merry.   We did Leg Raises, LBC’s, Flutter Kicks, and Windshield Washers.


During the COT Pebble shared his favorite cereal and food.  We named the FNG “Baskins” after Carol Baskins from Tiger King.   He’s a dog trainer 😀  Welcome Baskins!

Naked-Man Moleskin:

After the COT and Coffeeteria Ace Ventura, Script Kiddie, and Dushire went for a 30 minute walk/ruck and caught up.  Then we went home.  The end.

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