Beach Day!

AO: The Norseman

When: 06/10/2021

QIC: Dr. Rico

PAX (12): Guapo, Wayward Son, Blistex, Jethro, Nacho Libre, TMI, Haha, Huckleberry, Stu, Walkie Talkie, Crickey


It’s beach season!  So we had to get ready.  Upon arrival it was clear that Haha was ready for the beach.


Quick mosey up the hill for some:

  • SSH
  • Hillbillies
  • Weedpickers

The Thang:

Real quick mosey to the pavilion.  We needed to get in beach mindset…and what better way to do that than with a little Beach Boys.  So YHC put on Kokomo and whenever we heard the name of a beach we jumped.  In between beach names we were surfing (aka the air chair for those who aren’t beach bums).

Now that the quads were warmed up and we were feeling beachy we moseyed on over to the rock pile and then back to the parking lot.


When YCH goes to the beach I like to do two things:

  1. Look good
  2. Have fun

So we were going to make both of those happen.

Look Good

Between each fun beach activity we would return to our rocks and do 21:

  • Curls for the gurls
  • Tri s for the guys
  • Abs for everyone (American Hammers)

Have Fun

We had four fun beach activities that the PAX could choose from:

  • Football – Head to the football field and run down and back 2 times
  • Lunch at the pavilion – 21 step ups (Alpha count) at the pavilion
  • Park time.  My two year old son likes to play at the park at a beach we go to so we didn’t want to miss out on the fun – 10 pullups
  • Lay down and take a nap – lay down and do 21 box cutters

We would do an activity, return to our rock, do an activity, and so on.  The goal was to get through 2 rounds of activities…nobody was able to have that much fun though.

Though we had fun and looked good Haha rated the beach a 1 out of 5 stars because “there were no waves, no sand, and no girls”  All fair points.



Naked-Man Moleskin:

It’s always a good time hanging out at the beach with friends!

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