D-Day 77th Memorial BD

AO: The Galaxy

When: 06/11/2021

QIC: Jorts

PAX (6): Wideright, Steamer, Fondue Guy, Spring Break, So So Def


3 pax for just over a 2 mile pre-ruck (Wideright, Steamer, Jorts)

YHC filled in for the normal Fridays with Tweaker, so of course I had to write out the BD beforehand and have a musical theme. With this week being the 77th anniversary of D-Day YHC poached a BD from GORUCK and used the trusty patriotic playlist.


all in cadence x 12 (except when YHC forgot how to count)
Hillbillies with a slight counting struggle
Abe Begotas
Seal Claps
Warm up merkins (x5)

The Thang:

Mosey to the pavilion to review the sheet. Pax instructed to pick a coupon from the rock pile accordingly.

Slight modification to the GORUCK 77th anniversary WOD:
1 lap – Cusack with coupon (~0.33 mile)
77 coupon squats
77 merkins
77 deadlifts
77 shoulder press
1 lap – hard run

all pax finished early so we did another 77 squats and then another lap with the coupon mixing cusak and curls

mosey back to flag for 5 minutes of Mary and 5 minutes of stretching


Safe travels to the many pax enjoying some much needed vacation time.

With so many pax on vacation, reach out to other pax we have not seen in a while to check-in and work to keep our numbers in double digits through the summer.

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