Blame Aflac

AO: Halo

When: 06/09/2021

QIC: Jorts

PAX (10): Nugget, Jewels, Fondue Guy, Steamer, Forrest, Hiccups, Tweaker, Wideright, Marcia, Jorts


One of those magical days where YHC either slept through his alarm or just forgot to set it, either way YHC missed the pre-ruck but still woke up with ample time to make the BD.

3 Pax did embark on a 2.25 mile pre-ruck (Wideright, Steamer and Tweaker)


disclaimer, all in cadence x 10
Don Quixote
Seal Claps
Bear hugs

The Thang:

Additional disclaimer that if the pax don’t like the beatdown today then they should take it up with Aflac because he said that the Pax of East Cobb were out of shape and could not keep up at the Wreck anniversary beatdown last week [YHC words not his 😉 ]. Anyways we took his anniversary BD and made it work at Halo…

Start backwards moseying around the parking lot, stop at every light-pole for 5 Burpees. Continuing around the parking lot, passing MANY light-poles (only 5 Burpees each) until we reached the big-top at the far end of the parking lot.

At the big-top, Q directed PAX to perform 4 rounds of the following:
20 Decline Merkins (toes on picnic table bench)
5 Burpees

Plank for the six. With the six in, returned to the parking lot for backward mosey lap, continuing with a stop for 5 Burpees at every light pole.

Returned to the big-top where after pax planked for the six, Q directed all PAX to return to their picnic tables for 2 rounds of the following:
10 Box-Jumps
20 Dips
Plank for the six.

With the six in, moseyed out to the baseball field for some bear crawl and crab walk, but the field was full of thorns so Omaha’d and moseyed over to the soccer field where we lined up on the end-line and Q directed the pax to do a full down and back (~100 yards), starting with bear crawls then flipping to crab-walks when ever they needed a rest and continue to swap between the two until they returned to the end-line. Once complete, backpedal for the six, then continue back pedaling toward the flag, continuing to stop at light poles for only 5 burpees.

T-2 minutes when we arrived at the flag so circled up for some much needed stretching until time was called.


Big shoutout to all the 2.0s, with 3 in attendance today including an FNG (Jewels).

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