Well planned BD

AO: The Galaxy

When: 06/08/2021

QIC: Wideright

PAX (9): Steamer, Sparky, Jorts, Bottle Cap, Fondue Guy, Spring Break, Marcia and So So Def


disclaimer, warm up IC:

10x a vagodas

11x weed pickers

12x Moroccan night clubs

13x Hillbillies

14x bear hugs

mosey (toysoldiers, BW, shuffle)

grab coupons and line up


The Thang:

cusak around parking lot – when PAX drops we all do 5x burpees

pavilion while raining: (all reps with ccoupons)

step ups (chest hold and then cusak style) till 6 is in, chest press

dips and chest press till 6 is in

squats chest hold then cusak style, curls till 6 is in

Big boys and straight arms with coupons , skull crushers till 6 is in

slow mosey while doing curls

Indian run 2x times through with coupons on chest

murder Bunnies across lot

bunnies murder halfway back

mosey to flag – 10x hillbillies and TIME!


Sparky traveling this Friday and reaching out to F# brothers

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